Hill workout #1

Yesterday was our first hill workout of the season.  GAG.  It was only the third day of practice, and I swear we didn’t do hill workouts until the second or third week last year.  Anyway, five of us varsity girls were there, so we all worked together until one girl got a really bad headache and had to sit out the final repeat. And then there were four.

The coaches split the team into three groups: five long hills, five short hills, or three short hills.  Of course, lucky me got to do five long hills. (I know that it’s not grammatically correct- whatever.)  One of the boys who was doing five long hills annoys the crap out of me. He has flippy hair that does little flippy bounces whenever he runs, and he wears non-running clothes to the workouts. I’m sorry- I can’t stand that. Also, he has a really bouncy stride and kicks his butt with every step, and when I’m behind him on a run I just want to scream. It doesn’t help that he has an annoying personality.

Anyway, everyone went really fast on the first repeat, which I knew was a bad idea but I didn’t want to fall too far behind. Of course, by the top everyone was dying, and we had four to go.

By the third repeat, half of us girls were on the ground and our “jogging rest” down the hill was more of a very slow walk. Then, at the bottom of the hill, a bunch of girls were sitting on the curb and had been there for like ten minutes, so I asked them, “Are you guys just not going to do any more?” They responded, “Oh, we already did three repeats.” I gave them a “riiiiight” look while managing not to say, “BS. You’ve been sitting there since after the first repeat.” It was infuriating because here we were working our butts off while they sat there in their cutesy little pretty non-running shoes pretending they had done more than one repeat and drinking my water.  But whatever. It pays off in the end, which is why they will probably never break 25 minutes for a 5k and our varsity team is ranked #1 in the state.

We finally finished the workout, and only two of us (me and our lone varsity sophomore- it feels weird to call her that since she just ran the freshman mile at New Balance Nationals like..two months ago) were able to walk down the hill with our coach.  Two of the girls were at the top of the hill puking, and the fifth girl was at the bottom suffering from her headache. The rest of the girls made it down the hill eventually, and we all started running back to the school (about a mile and a quarter away).  Some of them started walking, and Coach made us run back to them, saying “You’re a team, you need to start and finish together.” So basically some of us have to run more?? Great.

GUESS WHAT I’m so excited because next Thursday we’re having another hill workout (that’s not the part I’m excited about) and MILESTAT IS COMING TO FILM/INTERVIEW US!! It’s part of their preseason xc tour and I wanted them to come but I didn’t think the coaches would agree but they did and NOW THEY’RE COMING!!! Sorry, that was a run-on sentence, but I don’t really care. I’m REALLY excited.

I’m supposed to go for a 65 minute run today, but so far I haven’t gotten off my butt or gone outside. Also I have to read Crime and Punishment and write three essays about it for my summer assignment, and i have 400+ pages and three essays to go. 


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