Jenny Simpson is amazing

This video….aaghh. I can’t handle the amazingness. Jenny Simpson is so inspirational and I love her reaction to her win. My favorite part is at 0:18 🙂
I know this is my fourth post today but give me a break; it’s my first day blogging.
When I was watching this video earlier, I had the strangest feeling. I thought, “This could be me. I could be representing my country and be incredibly happy like this.” I know that’s completely unrealistic because I’m not even half as fast as these women, but even representing my school at the state championships or something would make me feel the same way. I just think it’s fantastic to represent your country/school/region/whatever in this way.
Another one of my favorite inspirational videos is from the 2012 Olympic marathon trials. Here’s the link:

I loooove inspirational running videos
Who doesn’t?


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