The effect of fried fair food on a workout

I went to the county fair yesterday with some friends and ate myself sick on funnel cake, french fries, and a gigantic ice cream cone, among other things.  I didn’t remember that I had a workout the next morning until I had already eaten. Then, of course, I had to go on all the rides that whip you around and upside down and make you feel like vomiting and passing out and dying all at the same time. Needless to say, I had a great time 😉

Anyway, sometime around 9 pm I realized, “Crap. I have a workout in ten hours that will probably be mind-bogglingly difficult (since our coaches are trying to whip us into shape before Milestat comes). And I just ate 3,000 calories of fried overpriced disgusting deliciousness!” I hadn’t even had a real dinner, so when I got home around 9:45 I ate this spicy chicken kabob thing- not exactly the best pre-workout food either. Then I had to have some fresh berry cobbler. Who could resist that? I ended up finishing my dinner around 10:30, going to bed at 11, and waking up at 6:30.

I felt like crap immediately after waking up (that funnel cake had not digested smoothly). I dragged myself to school and discovered that- lucky me- varsity was doing a long workout today! We had a two mile warm-up to the park where we did three repeats of about ten minutes of tempo on part of the 5k course there. Then we had to jog two miles back to school.

And guess what!? I didn’t even feel gross during the workout! I’m serious! The ten million calories of fried crap I’d ingested earlier really didn’t have an effect on my workout performance! Of course, I don’t know how I would’ve performed if I hadn’t eaten that stuff, but I felt relatively fine during the workout and managed to complete all three repeats with relatively okay splits of 9:27, 9:35, and 9:50. Out of the five of us girls, I finished fifth in the first repeat (but right behind everyone else), second along with my friend in the second, and third in the third repeat. One of the girls didn’t finish the third one, which bugs me because if one of us had pulled that, Coach would’ve been so pissed off. But that girl is kind of her pet, so she can get away with way more than the rest of us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the upcoming cross country season. My PRs from last year are 19:33 (6:34/mile) for 3 miles and 20:28 (6:36/mile) for the 5k. Not great, I know. We have a time trial coming up in about two weeks and I think I ran around 21 minutes on it last year. The course is relatively easy, so I think I can probably run around 20:25 or something on it this year, since I’m in much better shape both mentally and physically. At least, I hope! It’s only a time trial, though, so I’m not setting my hopes too high. I remember last year I had to run with the boys because I had to make it to marching band on time. This year, I don’t have to do that! I quit band!! YES. And band camp started today, so my Twitter/Facebook feed has been filled with posts about that. I’m just thinking, “Hehee. I get to be spared of that daily six-hour, three-week-long torture.” Seriously, it’s ridiculous! 3:30-9:30 EVERY DAY. Ew. And the band teacher is of the opinion that if band isn’t your life, it should be. Which is basically why I quit.

Enough of my ramblings. I’m pretty sure I made no sense since the whole time I’ve been writing, I’ve been simultaneously cooking delicious salmon, arguing with my mom about my curfew (it was mostly one-sided since I wasn’t really listening; for all I know she could have said that my curfew was 6 pm and I just said yes), and eating cookie dough. 


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