Moscow 2013/Mary Cain/Countdown to Milestat- 2 days!

Duh. Like every other runner out there, I’ve been following the world championships quite closely these past few days. Maybe not as obsessively as other people (i.e. watching the live feed ALL DAY ERRRYDAY) but I am aware that Nick Symmonds won silver in the 800, the Usain Bolt/lightning bolt picture, Mo Farah managed another 10k victory, that 20k racewalker girl finished too early and MARY CAIN MADE THE FREAKING 1500 FINALS. At 17. Seriously. Is she human?? It would be so amazing if she won a medal in the finals. It’s amazing that she even made the finals. She’s the youngest 1500 finals qualifier-EVER. (Source: the IAAF page)

Today at practice we had an “easy” 45 minute run. At least, it was supposed to be easy. However, some of the gals don’t know the meaning of that word and tried to keep up with the varsity boys. Also it was pouring down rain and this idiot guy that nobody likes was running around splashing everybody on purpose. Needless to say, none of us were in very good moods. I then had to go directly from swim cross country practice to babysitting for 4.5 hours, so I didn’t get to shower or anything and I was soaking wet and freezing the whole time because their air conditioner was on the highest level or something. I did 5 minute abs (I’ll explain those later) and 50 push-ups when I got home from babysitting, so I feel marginally better now. Of course, my visiting grandpa decided to work on our generator and now the entire house smells like gas. All in all, a not-so-great day today. And I really have to catch up on my summer assignment and read 60 pages of Crime and Punishment tonight. At least. Time to go eat cookie dough and feel fat! Goodbye.


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