Milestat wuz here. Along with random things that come to mind.

Sooo Milestat came to my school today! (as I’ve mentioned in every single one of my posts for the most part) They did an article about us and I got a shout out picture! I’m pretty proud of that 🙂 They focused on our girls’ team since we’re one of the better teams in the state, whereas our guys are…ehhh? Also, most of our top guys weren’t even there.

Yeah, so anyway, our warm-ups and workout were filmed and an article was written about us. It was pretty long and there were a lot of pictures of us at the bottom. All in all, it was a fun experience and I’m really glad we got recognition (although now we have a bigger target on our backs- uh-oh!)

I can’t wait until invitational season starts! Seriously, I actually can’t wait to start racing! (I’m going to regret saying that, I know.) I just feel like I have the potential to start lowering all my times immediately. Sub 19 3-mile here I come!! *Knock on wood*

I went to the Udvar-Hazy air and space center or whatever the heck it’s called today. It was actually interesting and I got to see the real live (well, it’s not alive) Enola Gay! (the bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima) I hope I spelled that right. How cool is that! I also saw the Discovery space shuttle and a supersonic Air France plane. I learned about modern wartime aviation and aviation during the Cold War, WWII, etc. I’m not even interested in planes and it was cool. And it gave me something to do while I waited for our article to be posted 🙂

That had nothing to do with running. But who said this was going to be an all-running blog anyway! Oh right I did. Well, I can’t think straight after 10 pm so I should probably stop talking. Bye! 🙂


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