I can never think of good titles for my posts because they’re all completely random

Our first track workout of the season is tomorrow! The rest of the team had one already but that was the day that varsity went to the 5k course at the park and did repeats. I’m betting on either threshold miles or 800s tomorrow.

I only have 100 pages to go in Crime and Punishment! I’m on page 451. Svidrigailov has just told Raskolnikov that he overheard him confessing to Sonya that he murdered Lizaveta. Suspenseful… not really. At least it’s more exciting than the book has been until this point.

Moscow 2013 is over. This is depressing because I didn’t watch nearly as much of it as I wanted to, and I can’t seem to find videos of entire races online- just the end and sometimes the start. Where are these videos hiding?!! I watched Allyson Felix tear her hamstring and the USA women’s 4×1 screw up that hand off (what happened there, anyway?) but I still have to watch the women’s 800m final and some other stuff.

Yesterday morning, some of us were waiting at this sketchy park because we were going to leave from there to go on a soft-surface run. This random old homeless woman came up to us and shouted, “Are you girls looking for something to do to help your community? Because this county has too many homeless people! It would be good if you people could do something about that!” We were just like, “Ummm, no, we’re just, you know, going for a run…” It was so strange. When she said the thing about helping the community, I thought she was going to give us ideas on community service projects or something, but then she basically blamed us for the fact that there are a high number of homeless people in the county. How exactly is that our fault? Eh, whatever, she was probably mentally not all there anyway.

Anyway, I ate an entire batch of Bisquick pancakes today (14) and then had two servings of pasta for dinner. How do you spell carbo loading!?!? I’ll try not to do that tomorrow.

Today we had a successful 50-minute run on a notoriously hilly road. For the first time ever (as  a team), we reached the end of it! Yessss. Unfortunately, it was one girl’s second day back, so she couldn’t quite keep up with us and we had to wait for a total of probably ten minutes. Wait…not so unfortunately! I can’t decide if that’s a bad thing or a good thing.

I’ve literally been on the computer all day doing nothing. I watched some dumb chick show called “Devious Maids” and it’s so stupid but it’s like Dance Moms or something- you can’t stop watching the train wreck in progress. So I watched it. Along with Project Runway. Somebody save me from myself… I felt vaguely guilty like there was some schoolwork I needed to do, but I’ve actually been keeping up on my Crime and Punishment reading and I’m unaware of any other summer assignments (unlike last year), so what was I supposed to do?

My friend made the All-Virginia team in Run Washington magazine! She also seems set to have a really good season this year; last year she didn’t run enough over the summer (none of us did) so she never really got her times to where she could have. But this year we’re all much better conditioned and I think we have the potential to win some invitationals and definitely districts our conference meet (stupid change in classifications) along with qualifying for the state meet for the first time in our school’s history! Although it won’t seem like as big of an honor as it would have in years past because, with the new change in classifications, six teams instead of four qualify out of each region. True, our region is the best in the entire state but still.
Well, I’m going to go drag my brothers off the TV (they’re watching the Redskins game and they’re really jealous because my mom is there right now and she got to see RGIII warming up). Toodles! (or some other idiotic farewell phrase)



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