Typical me

Today was the grand opening of an REI sort of near me, and they were giving away free water bottles and gift cards to the first 200 people there. We got there at eight and the doors didn’t even open until ten. Luckily, there were plenty of tents from different companies (Merrell, Salomon, Patagonia, etc.) with give-away items, and there was even a climbing wall like the 5-minute easy-set-up version they have at company picnics. I decided to do the climbing wall because a) I was bored and b) I’m good at climbing. It was a joke. I made it up there and back down in about thirty seconds and unhooked the carabiniere from my harness. Unfortunately, this was the kind of climbing wall where if you let go of the carabiniere without hooking it to something, it’ll just shoot right to the top of the climbing wall and stay there. Every other climbing wall that I’ve ever used requires an actual person and not an automated carabiniere, so I was not expecting that and I let go of it. WHOOPS. The guy working the wall starting yelling at me, “I’M the only one who’s supposed to touch the carabiniere! You’re supposed to LET ME DO IT!” I kept apologizing but he was being super obnoxious. It wasn’t really a big deal, anyway; all I had to do was clamber up the wall on one of the other ropes and hold onto the lost carabiniere as I came back down. Which I did. But it was still embarrassing 😛

Finally it was 10 am and we got to go inside. The gift cards ranged from $10 to $500 and of course, we got three $10 gift cards. YAY US. But the water bottles were pretty nice- small green Camelbaks that cost $15+ in the store.


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