Form work and intervals all in one day!!!

Form work and intervals all in one day!!!

Today I couldn’t make it to my regular morning practice, so my mom had me meet with this other coach at a different school. I did a workout in 93 degree/burning sun/humid weather (what could be better!?) and then after I was practically on the ground dying, he told me to do some strides so he could assess my form. Which sucks. I’m aware of that. But fixing it is sooo hard. (That’s not sarcasm)
The workout was a two mile warm-up around the track, drills, and 4 x 800 meter repeats. The lovely, considerate football team had set up a big tent and a golf cart-type-mobile smack in the middle of the track, so lucky me- I got to do my 800s in the outside lane!! This made them slightly longer than an actual 800; I started ahead of the line so my first 400 was an actual 400, but my second lap was longer because I was in the outside lane the whole time. My repeats were (keep in mind it was a longer 800!!) 3:12, 3:09, 3:21, 3:07. I pretty much died mentally on the third one, but was able to come back and finish strong on the last repeat. I’m guessing that, had they been actual 800s, I probably would’ve run around 3 flat for the first two and the last one. It was sooo hot outside and I finished my entire bottle of water and entire bottle of Gatorade before the workout was even finished. I then did a mile cool down and he assessed my form during some striders. Finally, we were done. But my eye has been bothering me for the past day, and during the workout sweat started dripping into it, which made it buuuurn! The PAIN. Anyway, that was my workout for the day. We have a time trial on Thursday and I get to wake up at 5 tomorrow to go to a 6 am Pilates class with the rest of the varsity girls before 7:30 practice!!
On a related note, I’m questioning my sanity/judgment. My mom asked me, hypothetically, if I’d rather have an iPhone or a Garmin. Guess what I answered? Garmin. I’m actually content with my nearing-its-seventh-birthday bright green Rumor from Sprint. iPhones aren’t nearly as indestructible as this phone. I dropped it in the freaking toilet and it’s fine. I threw it clear across my friend’s porch and it landed in a thorn bush…and it’s FINE. Sure, it doesn’t have Internet, can hold maybe five low-quality pictures, and sometimes the keyboard decides to stop working for a few seconds, but who cares? It works. It texts and calls. That’s the epitome of a CELL PHONE. (I know, I can’t be a teenage girl if I’m saying this, right? What about Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Vine/Snapchat? Guess what, I have an iPod. So maybe I’m not COMPLETELY modern-technology-free.) Anyway, Garmin over iPhone any day!
The next post will be about food because who doesn’t love food, but this post is pretty long so I think I’ll stop for now.
T-7 days and counting till junior year begins! (I got my schedule today. It’s going to be atrocious. #IBkid)


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