Rant about unsupportive parents and the fact that I’m injured and wouldacouldashouldas

I know, I know. It’s not nice to say bad things about your parents for the whole wide world that is the Internet to see. But what if said parents are completely unsupportive, clueless, and just generally mean? Does that give you the right to yell at about them?

Let me give you some background knowledge. I don’t live with my dad (for various reasons) which does warrant some flexibility as far as parental support goes. My mom, however supportive she may be, is crazy busy…like all the time. She does her best to stay interested in my running obsession, but sometimes when I’m blabbering about Milestat and other teams and invitationals while she’s doing dishes and making dinner and working from home, she kind of just tunes out (which is easy for her to do since all she has to do is turn off her hearing aid).  My dad, however, is unemployed, doesn’t really have friends, and has plenty of time to learn about the lovely sport of cross country and all the fun stuff that comes with it. At the very least, he could try to be enthusiastic about  it. There’s just a small problem- he HATES running. It doesn’t interest him in the slightest and he doesn’t make any effort to even look engaged if I’m telling him that I got a PR or something. It really hurts my feelings but I can’t tell him that because he won’t care and that’ll just be worse. The fact that he’s so clueless is probably the worst. My team and I are in the local newspaper all the time because we’re pretty successful, but I walked into my dad’s house the other day and guess what was pinned up on the refrigerator? An article about my school’s….baseball team. There is nobody in my family on the baseball team. I asked him why he had that pinned up and not one (or many) of my running articles and he responded, “I thought your brother (who plays baseball) would want to read it. And I thought you’d be interested. It IS your school after all.” Excuse me!??

Some more hurtful stuff that he does (or doesn’t do): Sometimes I call him and say, “Dad, guess what, my school is ranked #5 in the state!” He responds (and I’m not even kidding), “Okay. Why are you telling me this?” Usually I sigh and just say, “Never mind.” Then he goes, “Okay, can I talk to your brother about baseball/football/paintball/soccer?” Also, he doesn’t even care enough to learn what my sport is called. He called me the night before a big cross country meet saying, “Wait…did you want me to come to that track thing?” To non-cross-country-ers (or even xc people!), this is probably not a big deal. But it’s my DAD. He should at least know the NAME of the sport I’m doing, if nothing else!!!

What makes his lack of involvement worse is the fact that my teammates’ dads are so nice and know more running-related stuff about ME than my own father does! Yesterday in the invitational that I didn’t run at because I’m injured (more on that later), at least two dads came up to me and said, “Oh no! Kathryn, what happened? Why aren’t you running? I hope you get better soon!” I didn’t even recognize some of them. The fact that they knew a) who I was, b) that I was injured, and c) that the varsity team was suffering without me made me feel half really good, half really sad that my own dad doesn’t know that stuff about me but dads that I don’t even know are talking to me about my injury.

I could go on for pages and pages about all the stuff that my dad doesn’t do or does do that is self-esteem-crushing and doesn’t help in the slightest. But I won’t. I’ll just hit a pillow or something.

Anyway, I’m injured! Did I mention that? I think I did. Whatever. Ever since that terrible hills workout last week after my Silver Diner feast, both lower legs have been bothering me. My coach “diagnosed” me with the fact that because my knees rotate in when I run, it’s been putting unnecessary stress on my lower legs, so my legs (especially my ankles) have been complaining. I feel super-fatigued when I run for longer than one second (it’s just my legs though, that feel tired, which is weird; my arms, lungs, head, etc. feel fine) I didn’t run in the meet yesterday (that was annoying) and my exercise schedule has looked something like this since last week:

Tuesday: Hills      Wednesday: terrible “easy” run where I was in a lot of pain     Thursday: first part of the workout but I had to stop         Friday: I was going to aqua jog but they wouldn’t let me into the pool so I didn’t do anything       Saturday: meet that I didn’t run in    Sunday: 60 minutes aqua jogging

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go aqua jogging again and I think I should do the hip strengthening exercises that my coach prescribed (to correct the over-rotating-knees issue) along with abs and possibly push-ups. Then maybe I’ll ice-bath my feet and ankles. Fun times!! (sarcasm) No running for me until at least Wednesday 😦

This is random but…did you hear that Anna Rohrer, the defending Foot Locker national champion, broke her foot? I was so bummed when I heard about that! I was really rooting for her. I watched the championships last year because four people from my region went and she seems like a really fast, amazing, genuinely nice person. I hope she gets back into it in time for Foot Locker!!

This is also random… I’ve been looking up healthy substitutions in unhealthy recipes for my favorite foods and today I decided to make Black Bean Brownies. Among other things, this recipe calls for a can of black beans, some pumpkin paste, honey, and cocoa powder. They. Were. Absolutely. Disgusting. Not even my thirteen-year-old-brother-who-eats-anything would eat them. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I consoled myself by making a pan of normal unhealthy delicious chocolatey brownies with two cups of white sugar in them 😉

Well, this has been an extensively long post covering multiple subjects and now that I’m not running for days and days, maybe I’ll have time to write more!

I’m not gonna check for spelling/grammar errors because honestly, who cares?


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