Junior year running debut!!!!

I’m baackk! Sorry for the lack of posts; the beginning of the school year (especially junior year!!) is a stressful time. I’m currently procrastinating on my vocabulary homework (which I will regret later) which is why I have time to write a post.

I was injured and banned from (real) running until last Sunday (the 15th). I then had two modified workouts and three easy runs before making my junior year running debut at the biggest meet of the season, Oatlands.

And guess what!??! I PR-ED!!!!! BY 22 SECONDS! AFTER AN INJURY AND ON THE HARDEST COURSE OF THE SEASON!!!!! I guess all the aqua-jogging my coach made me do paid off! Needless to say, I’m extremely pumped for the rest of the season. This course contained some awful, awful, awful hills that I would have been happy to do without, but literally the only real downside of the entire race was right before the 2.5 mile marker where there was a famous hill simply named “The Hill.” I hadn’t done a hills workout in weeks because of my injury, so I had a lot of trouble getting up and over it. It took me probably until close to the 3 mile marker to fully “recover” from it, and then I only had .1 miles anyway. I finished pretty strong and was thrilled to round the final turn and see the time on the clock.

We have two more big invitationals on fantastic courses, so I’m really pumped for them. I feel like Oatlands was just the kick in the pants that I needed, because I now know that I can finally run with the girls whose backs I’ve been looking at for two years. 😀 Another plus is that we have two full weeks until our next invitational which gives me extra time to really get back into shape. I think I have a 30-45 second drop in me, but I’ll be happy if I just PR again. Even if it’s only by 7 seconds or something.

I haven’t done abs in a full week, so I should probably do that. Maybe some push-ups too. Or I can sit in front of the TV shoveling doughnuts into my mouth to celebrate my return to running… 😉


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