Race Roundup

I’ve run two more races since my PR (plus a quad home meet where varsity ran it as a workout). Saturday was our next invitational, but we were missing our top 2 because of the SAT and our #3 dropped out with a quarter mile to go (I don’t know why). We finished 7th as a team, which is pretty impressive considering we only had three of our top seven in good shape (our #7 is coming off an injury that took her out for almost two months, so she was not at full strength, but she still ran and did pretty well). The course was a thousand times more awful than I remembered (plus they had added hills to it! Yay!) and it was like 86 degrees and high humidity, so my time was not really on par with my goal of close to a 30-second drop. The first mile was crazy-two of my teammates and I were in front and ran 5:40, which threw us WAY off for the rest of the race. Whoops. I ended up finishing 37th and way out of medal contention, but I finished second for my team and beat both girls from other schools that I wanted to beat, so that’s a plus 🙂

Today was the county championships, which sounds impressive but it’s really just for county bragging rights since only four teams compete and only two of them have girls who run anything impressive. Our top six finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th (I was 7th). It was raining and freezing and muddy and slippery, but I managed to get kind of a not bad time. I’m slightly worried/mad that I wasn’t able to keep up with some of my teammates because I think I’ve been putting in the work and eating right and getting sleep. Maybe it’s the stress. I found out that I basically failed a test right before the race, and I have a 20-minute oral presentation I haven’t prepared for in two days! Hopefully on Saturday, all that stress will dissipate and I’ll just relax and race and have fun.

I’m starving and sweaty and soaking wet so I’m going to go eat dinner and warm up my feet. 🙂


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