Don’t let the weather dictate whether you run! (see what I did there?)

Today was my third day of indoor training, and the weather gods decided to grace me with even better weather! 36 degrees and sleeting! Treadmill-ing wasn’t an option, so I layered up in my old band windbreaker and braved the elements.  Although it was freezing and very wet, the run actually felt great! I’ve been running watch-less (quite nerve-wracking), and I’d say I ran for only 30 minutes.  However, I felt awesome; I was practically at tempo pace when I started back up the bridge, but I was hardly tired.  I was soaking wet though.

Us girls who are just returning after our break are scheduled to do easy, short runs for the rest of the week, but I’m itching to ramp up my mileage! I was re-reading my running log from the beginning/middle of cross country, and seeing all those 50-70 minute runs made me antsy. I know it’s quality and not quantity that counts for my team because of our lack of soft running surfaces, but I still can’t wait to crank out at least a 7-miler in 30-degree weather and warm up with a mug of hot chocolate and some foam rolling.

It’s now Thanksgiving Break and I’m excited to choose the time of day I get to go running! Gotta pre-burn those turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing calories somehow!


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