Post-Thanksgiving ab attack

I, probably like many others, gorged myself on Thanksgiving. This led to the disappearance of my hard-earned almost-six pack. Whoops. Thankfully, I have a plan to get back to post-Thanksgiving tummy shape. My plan is to do the following ab workout, or a variation of it, at least 5 times a week. There’s something so soothing about nightly ab work as my routine 🙂

Post-Thanksgiving ab attack!

Do the following exercises in any order you want, each for 30 seconds with no rest in between:

Sit-ups or crossover crunches (left, center, right, repeat)

Push-throughs (like sit-ups, you just push your hands like an arrow between your legs)

Side-to-sides (lie on your back, hands by your sides. Lean forward about three inches off the ground and move side to side. This works your upper abs and obliques!)

Russian twists


Front plank

Right side plank

Left side plank

Toe touches (lie on your back, legs straight in the air. Push up and try to shoot your hands past your toes while keeping your legs straight)


(I took this one from Runner’s World) Ins and outs: (upper and lower abs) Lie on your back, hands at your sides or under your buttocks. Move through the following four positions: (1) legs extended and 6 inches off the ground; (2) legs bent and pulled toward the chest; (3) legs extended up to the ceiling; (4) legs bent and pulled toward the chest again.

Finish up with some seal stretching, the child’s pose, yoga, whatever. Make sure to stretch out well.

And there you have it! The post-Thanksgiving ab attack that will help get rid of any pumpkin pie pooches and turkey tummies!


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