Lunch Love

I love lunch. Who doesn’t love lunch? It’s definitely in my top three for meal choices.

^That was me trying to be funny. Could you tell?

So anyway! I’m going to talk about the pros and cons more pros of packing your own lunch versus buying your lunch. I’ll also show you what I had for lunch today because obviously people care about that sort of thing and don’t have more important things to worry about.

First of all, when you buy lunch from (I’m going to say school because I’m still in high school) school, you don’t know what you’re eating.  In my three years in high school, I have gotten the “hot lunch” a grand total of one time. That was freshman year, and I had forgotten my lunch that day. I got a delicious (not), organic (hell no), real chicken (nope): chicken patty sandwich!!


I say that you don’t know what you’re eating because honestly, tell me what is in that chicken patty.  Obviously the bun is a generic, definitely-not-whole-wheat, frozen-and-then-toasted bun, but biting into that chicken patty is like biting into artificially flavored slimy rubber.  (It’s been two years and I still remember) I will bet you my almond butter that the patty is nowhere close to 100% chicken.

And it’s perfectly circular. So uniform that it kind of freaks me out. Another sign that what you hear is not what you are actually eating.

Sometimes I see the hot lunch, or I hear what’s for lunch on the announcements, and I just think, “That doesn’t look or sound like food. How can people put that into their bodies???” My school has “Meatless Mondays” where they serve I don’t even know what- fake tofu?- and other days they serve fried cheese sticks and globs of fake maraconi and cheese. This is ‘Murica! Ketchup is a vegetable!

Enough with the sarcasm.

My mom made my lunch for ten years, but this year she told me to suck it up, I’m sixteen and I have to make my own lunch.  The first couple weeks of the school year were rough, but now making my lunch every morning is actually fun.  I pack pretty good stuff in my lunch (usually), and I always get really excited for the school day when I know that I have a delicious, healthy, colorful lunch awaiting me.

Time to dissect my lunch box! Today wasn’t uber-healthy by any means, but it certainly wasn’t close to whatever the hot lunch was.

(I apologize for the crappy photo quality. My iPod isn’t the greatest picture-taker, especially in school light.)


For lunch today, I had spaghetti with homemade meat sauce. (The meat was completely organic- I actually went with my dad to pick up the quarter of the cow that he ordered from a butcher!) I love citrus, so I have an orange, grapefruit, or some clementines in my lunch almost every day.  I also had a big container filled with red pepper, baby carrots, and celery (the photo isn’t to scale, so you can’t tell how big the container was).  I brought some low-fat hummus to dip my colorful veggies in, along with a lower-fat Quaker chocolate-chunk chewy bar to snack on during last period, which is when I always get hungry again. #fastmetabolismproblems

So that’s my lunch! 128489178 times healthier than a fake-chicken patty that has traveled from who-knows-where or macaroni and cheese that doesn’t look like food.

Today’s lesson: Pack your own lunch! 🙂


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