Workout on Vacation

I’m a blog post behind on where I want to be, so I guess I’ll do the post I meant to write last week today and the one I meant to write today tomorrow.

Today’s post will feature weights’n’running from last Saturday and Sunday while I was in California.

Saturday: I went the fitness center at 5:30 am in order to take my mind off the fact that breakfast didn’t start until 7 😉 (I was starving because I was on east coast time).  The fitness center was pretty nice- it had two treadmills, two recumbent bikes, (a broken elliptical), some complicated unidentified tricep machine, a full rack of dumbbells, and a rack of medicine balls.  I decided to focus on my arms because I was planning on going for a run later. Here was my arm workout:

2 x [10x bicep curls, 10x front arm lift]; 2x [10x shoulder raise, 10x rotating shoulder raise]; 2x [10x bent-over one-arm lift, 10x side-to-side with one dumbbell]

I used 10 lb dumbbells for everything except the last two exercises, in which I used one 20 lb dumbbell.

I also did medicine ball squat jumps in a square (jump left, jump backwards, jump right, jump forwards) and vice versa.  I’m terrible at those because I always lose my balance and fall over.  Then I did a 5 min easy jog on the treadmill for no particular reason.  Afterwards, my brother and I did 6-minute abs. (We’re having a contest to see who has better abs; I’m winning)

Working out in the hotel fitness center in the wee hours of the morning... not posed at all ;)

Working out in the hotel fitness center in the wee hours of the morning… not posed at all 😉

That afternoon, I did a 50-minute “exploration” run (meaning I made up the route as I went along because I had no idea where I was going)

Sunday: My workout was 8x600m…by myself.  How fun.  I couldn’t get to a track, so I did my workout around a park.  It worked out well because it turned out that one loop on the sidewalk around the park was exactly 600 meters!  It was also 75 degrees…a nice change from the normal 30 back home.

So that’s my traveling workout recap. 🙂

The park where I did my workout

The park where I did my workout


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