And indoor racing begins!

I lied again. I said I would write a post yesterday and I didn’t.  I’m a terrible person.  Gosh, how I have failed.

^Why is it so hard to convey sarcasm in writing?

This past weekend was the beginning of my junior year indoor track racing season! Did I break into it easy, running one race and enjoying it?

Ha. No. Not even.

Let me explain something first.  The high school league was just reclassified for this year, so instead of districts, we now have conferences.  However, district championships will still be recognized by football and some other sports until the 2014-2015 school year, even though conference is what actually matters in terms of moving on to regionals and whatnot.

Confusing, right?

Yeah. So anyway, we had an invitational scheduled for Saturday the 21st.  Then, the athletics director threw a wrench in our lovely little plans by decreeing that we (the varsity distance girls) had to run in the “district meet” the night before the invitational. Not only that, we all had to race at least two races in order to score a billion points because we had to win because obviously winning the now-defunct district meet was important.

We got 1st in the 4×8, 1-2-3 in the 1600, 1-2-3 in the 1000, and 1-2 (with 2 girls running) in the 3200, eventually annihilating the other teams by over 90 points. So we didn’t even have to run!

Then, my coach told me that, because of the 2-athletes-per-school limit in each event, I had not, in fact, gotten onto the performance list for the invite the next day, and therefore would not be running the 3200. I was very unhappy and spent the entire night and next morning convincing myself to suck it up, other people have it a lot worse than just not being able to run in an invite. “There are starving children all over the world!” I told myself. “Puppies are being abused!  And you think you have it bad?”

11 am: I get a message from my teammate. “Alert alert you got in! You’re running the two mile!!!!”


I frantically called another teammate who was also running the two mile and got a ride with her to the meet. Then, we had to wait for three hours because our coach had completely underestimated the amount of time each event would take- there were almost 200 kids in the 300 alone– but finally it was race time.

I was seeded at my teammate’s time (she had scratched because of injury, which is the reason I was allowed to run).  What nobody in the race besides my other teammate and I knew, though, was that my PR is 30 seconds slower than her PR, so I should not, in fact, have been seeded 4th out of 52 girls.  Maybe more like 12th.

Moments before the race: “oh shit”

Everyone went out incredibly fast, which screwed up my race plan (go out “conservatively”, come back with a strong second mile and pass people). I started out practically in last place, but ended up passing almost half the field to finish eighth in my heat (tenth overall)!  I was happy because, running on tired legs, I was only three seconds off my (kind of crappy) PR from outdoor!  Now I’m really excited for the rest of indoor season (of course, we don’t race that much, so I have maybe two more chances to run the two mile?)


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