Tempo-runnin’ it

Merry Day-After-Christmas! I hope everyone has had a fantabulous holiday and got a good run in 😉

Today I had a tempo run scheduled, so I decided to take advantage of my new GPS watch (!!!!) and my $30 in iTunes money (not that exciting for some people, but I had literally two songs on my iPod before Christmas so !!!!!).  I bought like 20 songs and unfortunately have over-listened to them for the past day.  Also, I learned the intro to Hall of Fame on piano so I’ve overplayed that song for two days. I need to stop. Make me stopppp.

but I love it

Anyway, tempo run. Get back on track.  I made a new running playlist, in the process discovering I like to listen to explicit rap while running, got the “GPS GO!” approval from my watch, whom I think I will name Herbert, and off we went, Herbert and I. and my iPod. who doesn’t have a name.


(one of Herbert’s siblings. Source: Google)

The run was great (except my shoe came untied), and it was awesome to be able to listen to music of my choosing.  I rarely (by rarely I mean never) listen to music on runs because I’m either with my teammates or…um…don’t have iTunes money, and using Pandora means you don’t have control over what songs play, so I definitely enjoyed it today.  Here is my tempo run playlist! (the rap thing…I don’t even know)


According to Herbert, I ran 3.15 miles in 20 minutes today! 6:27 pace…I’d say that’s pretty solid.  My Christmas run yesterday was 5.49 miles in 40 minutes- can you tell I’m really liking/using the GPS feature? 😉


I enjoy that.

Well, I’ve got something close to twelve pounds of Christmas leftovers to polish off so I’ll get down to that.  I’ve eaten more turkey and stuffing  and apple crisp in the past day than any human has the right to.


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