Requisite Review and Resolutions

Obviously  I have to do some sort of review that summarizes my entire year in like four words.  So here goes.  It will not be four words.  Hopefully it’s interesting. I shall do my resolutions tomorrow. (Nothing starts the New Year off strong like procrastination, right?)

My 2013 in review

1. I spent a lot of time running. Me?! Running?? I know, right. Here are pictures in case you don’t believe me. (I just realized I’m wearing black spandex in every picture. What does that say about me? I have no idea. I really enjoy black spandex?)

kphoto-3washingtonleepractice-engphoto-9<–(post-long-run-euphoria pic in which I look weirdly too Asian)

2. I spent a lot of time being sarcastic, in case you couldn’t tell from #1.

3. I painted my room.

4. I got dentures.*

the last photo I ever took with  my natural (albeit dead) teeth

the last photo I ever took with my natural (albeit dead) teeth. (I just got really sad while typing that) 30 min before getting them pulled. I know I look hideous and vaguely like I’m being squeezed. Don’t judge me.

Dentures #1

Denture set #1. I hated them and they broke during Driver’s Ed, which was…awkward.

Current teeth. I like them because they actually look real.

Current teeth. I like them because they actually look real.

5. I quit playing the flute.

6. I ate a shit ton of food.

me looking orange clutching five containers of food and a bag of turkey

7. I had my first Peppermint Mocha. It did not look as nice as the one below.


8. I went to California twice.

9. I finished tenth grade and started eleventh.

10. I learned how to use KT tape and foam rollers.

*I knocked my teeth out last year! Did I mention that? I don’t think I ever did! Anyway, I passed out on my way to school, hit the street face-first, and knocked my two front teeth out on November 7th, 2012. I then had my teeth stuck back in very painfully and crookedly by an emergency room technician who was not an orthodontist, almost got two root canals to try to bring them (the teeth) back to life, decided against the root canals, got them pulled during the spring, got a disgusting set of retainer/dentures, and finally got my current pair of good dentures.  Which I can pop out at any time and disgust/terrify/amuse/surprise people.  Add that to my bunions and you’ve got yourself a prematurely old lady. 😉  After thousands of dollars of orthodontia over the past six years, my parents were not amused.

Wow, my year was exciting. (aka wow, I did nothing of supreme importance)  The fact that I have done absolutely nothing this winter break (and just tried to put an apostrophe in the word “done”- like, don’e) does not bode well for 2014.  Oh well. Have a good New Year’s!


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