Welcome back workout

The first day back after winter break is always interesting.  It becomes clear in about five seconds who ran and who didn’t.  Especially when Coach asks, “So, who did every single run on the schedule over break?” and I’m the only one who raises my hand.

This is kind of how I felt.

Today was a welcome back workout (which is not as fun as it sounds. “Welcome back! Here’s your workout.”) for the seven of us (five girls and two boys) who qualified for the invitational next Saturday.  I’m flippin’ excited about it because I wasn’t fast enough to qualify for the invite mile, so I’m running the 1600 with  the other fast-but-not-elite runners. Hopefully I’ll place high. 🙂

Our workout was a descending ladder at consistently faster intervals.  2000, 1600, 1200, 800.  I felt cardiovascularly (which is not a word, apparently) good during the workout, but unfortunately I just switched to new shoes and my lower legs were killing me.  But I was happy with my times- I don’t think I lost much (if any) fitness during break.

Love you girlies but you kill me
Source: http://www.runningshoesguru.com/2013/03/saucony-mirage-3-review/

Comparison of the same workout before and after break

12/4/13: 2000m- 8:06; 1600m- 6:08; 1200m- 4:30; 800m- 2:45

1/2/14: 2000m- 8:01; 1600m- 6:03; 1200m- 4:26; 800m- 2:46

I was pleasantly surprised when I consulted my running log to see the improvement in my times! (pesky 800…) I’m feeling good at this point in the season! We only have one more race until conferences. Whaaat? I’ve raced once/twice this season!

I didn’t do any abs or arm work or anything besides running today because I was cold and lazy and in pain, so I just took a shower.  I’ll do abs tomorrow, and I’m scheduled to lift at the gym with my dad on Saturday morning.  I’m currently RCEing my legs (RICE without icing because I’m cold and lazy, as stated before) and if they still hurt tomorrow, I might aqua jog instead of running.

Photo 1
Suuuper cute fashion statement- striped fuzzy socks, white calf sleeves, and boy’s sweatpants.

I can feel my heartbeat in my calves right now…what is happening?

My next post will have something to do with food for this upcoming week and my attempt to eat healthy in preparation for my mile.

I have done no homework; as somebody on Twitter ingeniously put it, “I’m playing snow-day roulette with my homework.” It’s snowing, but it’ll probably melt. Then I’m screwed for tomorrow 😉


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