Rain + panic + disorganization = PR (5:27.16)

(First things first: do I have to change my blog theme now that the holiday season is over? Ha. No. I like it.  Looks like you’re stuck with Christmas for awhile.)

So before I actually tell you about the race, I’m going to share with you the moral of the story (aka the meet): Things don’t always go the way you plan, and you know what? That’s okay.  It mostly just proves all of your race superstitions wrong.

It was pouring rain and miserable when I woke up yesterday, and I was not in the mood to run.  Also, I ended up forgetting to bring my race socks to the meet, so I was freaking out and throwing the contents of my bag everywhere like five minutes before I thought the race started.  I flew over to the check-in pen in a panic, only to realize that the boys were running before the girls (who does that?) and I actually had over half an hour until the race started.  I also lost my phone (but I don’t really care).  I also ended up begging a random high jumper for water because we had to stand by the starting line in our heats for 20 minutes, and we weren’t allowed to have water bottles with us.

Me: “Is that your water?”
High jumper: “Um. Yeah.”
Me: “Could I please waterfall? I’m so thirsty.”
HJ: “Uh…sure, I guess…”
Me: “Thanks so much.” *Gulps down water*
Me: “Well, bye!”
Me: *turns around and walks away*
HJ: *whispers to his friend*

Yeah, that went well.

Anyway, we finally got to the starting line!  Of course, I ended up going to the wrong line when they said “On your mark” and had to awkwardly stutter-step up to the right line. (How long have I been doing this again?) Can’t wait to watch that race video…

(I lied.  There isn’t a race video because apparently the photographer cancelled last-minute.)

I’ve learned over the past few races that everyone tends to go out really fast (as in, a 37-second first 200 even though they run a 5:45 or 6:00 mile) so I just figured that I’d hang back and let everyone else do the work for the first 400, then start passing people.  I was in 12th at the 200, 5th at the 400, and somewhere in the third lap I realized I felt incredible and just passed everyone.  I led for about 900 meters before ending up 2nd in my heat with a PR of 5:27.16! What’s more, the first-place girl and I ran faster than everyone in the first heat, so I finished second overall and got a medal! Yay for medals!

A lack of meet photo coverage means that the only media comes from me screenshotting videos taken by my mom

A lack of meet photo coverage means that the only media comes from me screenshotting videos taken by my mom

Approximate splits: 79, 81, 82, 84
Things to work on: the last 400… and my kick.

...and another one.  My 800-meter-long moment of glory.  Can you say blurry?

…and another one. My 800-meter-long moment of glory. The girl in white eventually won. Can you say blurry?

I’ll post a picture of my medal when I get it; my coach is handing them out before conferences.

Oh, by the way: I’ve recently developed a back injury. 😦 I started feeling a twinge in my back a few days ago, but I didn’t think it was a big deal because it didn’t hurt when I ran.  On Friday morning, I woke up in so much pain that I could barely move.  I hobbled through school all day, finally going to the trainer.  She told me to heat it and take ibuprofen, and I was allowed to race yesterday but I have to go get it checked out on Monday.  I hope it’s nothing serious!  It didn’t hurt during the race, but the entire evening I was yelping in pain whenever I bent over or turned around or sat down or walked.

Anyway, I’m happy about my race and sad about my back!  I’m looking forward to postseason (which starts in less than two weeks!) It’s so weird that I’ve only raced two or three times this season and my next race is already conferences…


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