Semi-spontaneous meets where we all freeze

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts last week.  It was hell midterms week at school, and this being junior year- well, let’s just say it ranks in the top three of my hardest weeks of school ever.

You know how I said that the mile last Saturday was my last race until conferences?

I lied.

Conference rules state that each team can enter up to three people in an event unless more than three people have qualified time-wise for that event.  We have eight varsity distance girls, and some of them hadn’t gotten qualifying times in events that they wanted to run but that three people had already qualified for. With the registration deadline for conferences fast approaching, out of desperation, my coach entered some people in a polar bear meet* that was yesterday.

*polar bear meets mean that it’s an indoor meet run outside.

I already had my qualifying times for both the mile and the two mile, but only a few of my teammates could make it to the meet and we wanted to get a good 4×8 time, so I entered in the 4×8 and the mile (again).

It was so cold that we showed up to the meet wearing multiple pairs of pants, ear warmers, a ski jacket in my case, thick mittens, etc.

We ended up only running the mile; we had to scratch the 4×8 because our fourth girl didn’t show up! Apparently, she knew that she was running the mile, but somehow the 4×8 slipped her mind.

So much for our chance to state auto before championship season begins.

Anyway, it was 30 degrees and windy at race time, so we all ended up wearing black tights, bright-colored long-sleeve shirts, and ear warmers along with our uniform tops.  We looked a bit ridiculous, but we were having more fun than anyone else there, so who cares?

I'm the only one not wearing Nike spikes...Saucony all the way

I’m the only one not wearing Nike spikes…Saucony all the way

The meet was technically an invitational, but it was super low-key and there was no pressure.  My goal was 5:24, but it was cold and windy and there wasn’t really any competition from the other schools there.  We ended up sweeping the top 4 places!  I got 3rd with a time of 5:27.04, according to the results, but I am personally of the biased opinion that the timing was off and I ran in the 5:26 range 😉  Oh well, it was still a PR by a tenth of a second!  Also, I felt great afterwards…only about 95% spent instead of 100%!  This is exciting!  Hopefully without wind and extra clothes I can run a 5:24.

Splits: 78, 83, 83, 82

Now the next race is officially the two mile at conferences.  Between now and then, I will relax, focus on the start of the third quarter at school, listen to Daughtry and Death Cab for Cutie, stretch, and eat yummy, healthy food. I’ll post something non-race-related between now and then.


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