First day of my fourteenth season of skiing, followed by a workout…

Ouch.  Yesterday was the longest day ever.  I woke up at six to go skiing with friends even though I had a workout scheduled.  I figured I would just restrain myself while skiing and then do the workout after we got back.

I forgot how much I like to ski.

It was my first day skiing this season because I’ve had meets, etc., every weekend and don’t like to exercise on Sundays, the day my dad goes up to teach skiing.  Because we didn’t have school yesterday, I decided to ski with my friends.

photo 2-6

I’ve been skiing for thirteen years because everyone in my family is a skier.  My dad is an instructor, and I was an instructor for one year before quitting, so everyone in my family skies aggressively, fast, and well.  I went with three friends yesterday- one of them skies almost as fast as I do, which is great, but the other two are very slow (actually, maybe they’re only slow by my standards.  By societal recreational-skier-standards, their speed is probably normal).

photo 1-7

Anyway, the second I got off the chair lift and my skis touched the snow, my love for skiing came back full blast.  I spent the rest of the day rocketing around the mountain at top speed (and waiting for my friends at the bottom, haha).  Needless to say, by 2:30, my legs were dead.  My calves/shins/ankles/feet hurt so badly that I had no idea how I was going to complete my workout later.  Stupid ski boots.

They started feeling better on the ride home.  I used The Stick (while my friends teased me mercilessly for bringing it skiing) and tried to stretch my legs out every once in a while.  Except then we stopped for frozen custard.  I ordered a small vanilla (no picture) but it was huge.  I felt bad not finishing it because my friend’s mom generously treated everyone, so I ended up eating almost the whole thing.

We got home and I spent five seconds changing my shoes before heading back out to do my workout.  I ran to school for my warm-up, had a mini stretching session because my mom was picking me up in half an hour, and started my workout, which was 6x800m.  Nothing special.

I forgot water.

Around the third repeat, I felt really thirsty and dehydrated.  I asked a random woman there for water, but she didn’t have any, either.  Why does the county have to turn off the water fountains during winter?? Aghhh. I’d never completed a workout without water before for as long as I could remember.  The fourth repeat hurt.  I modified the fifth repeat (two 400s at the 800 repeat pace but with a small break in between) because I felt so crappy.  Finally, I spotted some soccer player’s water, quickly gulped down a mouthful without even asking, and completed the sixth repeat three seconds faster than goal pace.

I got home, recovered for awhile by practically drowning myself in water, and then did abs and arm work.  At this point I was completely exhausted and my legs were killing me, so I decided to ice bath.


Hearing my screaming, my family rushed into the bathroom in order to save me from whatever agony I was suffering from, only to discover that I was choosing to freeze myself.  They then walked away muttering, “Runners…”

(Okay, I made that last part up.)

After I was done turning my legs into ice cubes, I took a hot shower (did that defeat the purpose of icing?) and amused myself for awhile by discovering ridiculously photogenic running pictures of myself 😉

Snapshot 2014-01-21 08-43-12Snapshot 2014-01-21 08-43-41(Don’t mind my arms or posture- I had just handed off the baton)

I ended up falling asleep at 10 with the towel still on my head, the lights and space heater still on, and a book in my hand.  I woke up completely disoriented at 11:30 pm and had to actually get ready for bed while still mostly asleep.

I was tired.


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