Huge PR: Potentially the best race I’ve ever had??

I hope I didn’t just jinx my future races by saying that, but yesterday, as you can tell from the title, I had potentially the best race of my high school career so far.

photo 4

I was slated to run the 4×8 and the 3200, but my coach decided to pull me out of the 4×8 so that I could focus on the 3200.  He replaced me with my teammate who hadn’t qualified in an open event, and they won and state auto-ed, so I’d say they did very well!

The downside to the schedule was that we left school at 1, got there at 2, and I didn’t run until 7.  Basically, I was bored for five hours.  To pass the time, I listened to music, went to the bathroom six times, and ate.  I actually ate nonstop between 11 am and 4 pm.  (Don’t worry, it wasn’t like I was eating full meals- I nibbled on stuff constantly.)

Race day food of choice: PB&J, 1/2 almond butter sandwich, Dove dark chocolate, banana, Gatorade, whole wheat English muffin with raisins.

The meet officials wouldn’t let us warm up outside because it was dark and cold, so we ran back and forth in a little 100 meter zone.  Unfortunately, we had to cut our warm-up short because they final-called us 4 minutes in.  Oops.  We then had to wait for fifteen minutes while the slower heat ran.  I could have finished my warm-up!

Before the race, my coach had told me to focus more on place than time (top six move on to regionals).   My place goal was in the top five, preferably third.  My time goal was 11:49, which would be a PR by ten seconds and a season best by 13.

The gun went off, and I latched on to the girl I was supposed to within 300 meters and didn’t really think about pace.  I was conscious of passing the 800 in 2:47 and the mile in 5:44, which seemed unreasonably fast at the time because I still thought I was trying for 11:49.  I passed the girl after the mile and just tried my best not to die, ignoring the annoying pain that had started in my right shin shortly before the mile mark.  I hit 15 laps in third place and starting really kicking with 150 to go, faintly hearing the announcement that my teammate had just won!  Powering down the home stretch, I saw “11:31, 11:32…” I crossed the line in third place in 11:36!!!!  That was a PR by 23 seconds and a season best by 26 seconds! I promptly tripped over my feet and fell right into my coach and teammate.

Snapshot 2014-01-25 16-28-25

My teammate and I were in shock- a mix of elation, exhaustion, and disbelief.  Get ready for what I think is the cutest picture ever, although I look toothless. (I suppose that’s fitting since I technically am, right?)


Many people congratulated us (okay, many people congratulated her for winning, while I faked an indignant glare until they congratulated me, too) and I grabbed some ice for my shin.  We then cooled down and I ate my requisite post-race dark chocolate and banana.

I got a massage today and it felt so painfully good.  Also, I only ran for 20 minutes and I’m not running tomorrow.  Instead, I made pumpkin chocolate brownies and I’m about to make double pumpkin muffins with the leftover pumpkin.  Why would you exercise when you can just stuff your face? 😉


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