Guess what!! My mile time is officially less than a minute slower than Mary Cain’s!

I’m sorry for post after post of race results.  I didn’t mean for that to occur, but I get especially excited to write a post after a race because it gives me something to write about.  I’m sorry if it’s boring.

I’ll admit it.  I’m a little terrified.

I haven’t had a bad race this season.

My races have ranged from “Wow, I did better than I thought I would” to “Holy shizzz that felt freakin’ INCREDIBLE!”

The mile yesterday tipped the latter end of the scale.


Warming up

Top six move on to regionals, and I was seeded sixth.   I had no time goal.  I didn’t even have a place goal because I’d already qualified for regionals in the 2 mile and this was just an “extra.”  My coach’s plan for me was to have me latch onto the back of the top group and hold on.

My sub-5-minute-miler friend was in this race, along with several other girls (most of them my teammates) who are super speedy, so I expected the race to go out fast.

It didn’t.

200-40, 400- 1:20


Two girls from other schools went right to the front, and the rest of us bunched together in an aggressive, elbowing-and-spiking-each-other pack.  We caught up to and passed the eager beavers in the front by the 800 (2:41).  The pace subtly increased, and there were still probably 10 people in the pack, so we were all feeling pretty antsy.

With 400 to go, it was clear that this would be a “kicker’s race.”  I’ve had mixed results from my kick in the past, but I felt fantastic at this point.

I passed one girl.

I passed another girl.

My kick didn’t fail me.

I flew down the final straightaway and…


 …crossed the finish line in fourth at 5:19!

Overall splits: 80, 81, 82, 76

Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

I’m also thrilled because my grades for second quarter were better than I expected. Remember how a couple weeks ago I was drowning in schoolwork? My quarter GPA was a 4.78 (That’s not a typo). I’m pretty proud of that.

I have a ton of work this weekend.  Should I get started on that? Or should I make some more healthy chocolate peanut butter frosting?



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