Snow day take 5

This morning dawned snowy and…also rainy.  With eight to ten inches of fresh powder trapping everyone in their homes, temperatures decided to rocket up to 37 degrees, causing still-falling snow to turn to cold rain and generally making for a miserable atmosphere.

What did I do about this, you may be wondering? Well, first I went running.


“Help, I’ve frozen and I can’t get up.”

It was disgusting.  I was only required to run for 15-20 minutes, but it ended up being a 25-minute “run-stop-step in a melted snow puddle-run-avoid a car” type of slog.

After that, I made food! Surprise!

photo 3-3First, I made brownies.  Decadent, gooey, undercooked brownies made from  the Baker’s bar recipe, not healthy in the slightest.  They were amazing, and I confess to eating more than necessary.

I didn’t, however, go as crazy as my younger brother and his friend.  They ate three. Each.  They’re both nine and not particularly big, either.

photo 4-3After brownies, it was time for snickerdoodles.  I’d never actually made snickerdoodles before, so I wasn’t sure how they would turn out/if I’d even like them.

photo 4-4

Oh my god.

So good.

I used a recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (“Skinny Snickerdoodles”) but accidentally made them double the size they were supposed to be, I think.  Oh, well.  Double the deliciousness in each cookie!!

photo 3-4

I wonder what would happen if you combined them to make a snickerdoodle brownie cake! 

photo 2-3

We’ve got another snow day tomorrow (man! I didn’t actually want a snow day on my birthday!) which means it is officially a five-day weekend. Yes/no! While I’m enjoying the prospect of not being forced to do homework, I’ve come to semi-dread these breaks because I’m always incredibly bored.

I kind of want to spend part of my birthday at the gym, to be honest.  Does that make me crazy?

On the schedule for tomorrow is a short-ish run and some foam rolling.  I’ll try to eat healthy even though it’s my birthday/a holiday notorious for chocolate/I have a preposterous quantity of dessert in my house.  I’m a little worried because of the regionals postponement; we’re doing some extreme tapering.  A 15-minute run the week before?? Whaaat?  I know it’s not like we lose a ton of fitness in a week when we’re still running, but I don’t want to let myself go or anything and end up feeling like I’m running through mud during the two mile.  We’ll see what happens.






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