Birthday roundup: Food, running, and being one year closer to joining a gym!

This post is way delayed… (my birthday was six days ago!)

While most teenagers celebrate their birthdays as “one year closer to the legal drinking age!”, that’s not me.  Instead, I came to the realization on my birthday that I only have one more year until I can join a gym without my parents!


What is wrong with me? 😉

Anyway, my seventeenth birthday was pretty uneventful.  It was a snow day, so I didn’t see any of my friends, and I pretty much couldn’t go anywhere.  I went for a short run (surprise!) at the local community center, watched Psych for much of the afternoon, and went out to dinner with my family at Silver Diner.

I waited all day for my Chunky Monkey milkshake; needless to say, I was pretty excited when I finally got it.

photo 4-5

photo 2-4

photo 3-5I had a huge craving for salmon, but the restaurant I really wanted to go to was booked because (duh) it was Valentine’s Day.  So I “settled” for Silver Diner, which had both salmon and chunky monkey milkshakes.

My dog was not cooperative when I asked to take a birthday selfie with him.  He was more interested in the squirrels hanging out in the tree outside.

photo 2-5

photo 1-3

Sunday was my actual celebration; a few friends and I went to The Melting Pot for fondue and then came back to my house to have a baking party!

photo 2-6

See, I can dress in non-running clothes and look pretty sometimes… (I’m in the middle)
We made mini cheesecakes, dark chocolate raspberry truffles, and macaroons.  These girls can cook!
It took four hours and I was stuffed.  In preparation for this eating-fest, I’d eaten healthy the day before, and the morning of it was simply toast, yogurt, and an orange.  After the baking party, I recovered with a salad.
Other birthday highlights included: I went to the dentist, and the lady cleaning my teeth basically interrogated me about my weight (!??!?!?) which I’m pretty sure you’re not socially supposed to do… Also, I bought two dresses and didn’t realize one of them was a swim coverup until I got home….oops.
I’ll do my regionals roundup for the next post! I’m excited about it.

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