Food + exercise = happiness. Food – exercise = :(

Now that indoor track season has ended, I have a mandatory week of no running, followed by a week of easy running, before we jump back into track workouts and all that good stuff.   Because of the complete lack of exercise and calorie burning, you  know what else is going to have to change?

My diet.


I’m the queen of food.  I love food.  If I challenge you to a “who can consume the most calories in one day” challenge, I will most likely win.  I’m hungry all the time.

Seriously, I can eat two of these.  Do not underestimate me. ;)

Seriously, I can eat two Olive Garden spaghettis (1400 calories) for one meal.  Do not underestimate me. 😉

Unfortunately, if I do that this week, there will be consequences.  You can’t keep the same diet as when you’re burning 500-1,000 calories a day when you’re burning ZERO.  I’m definitely feeling the effects of so many pasta binges during the trip last week; I’m feeling a little bloated, slightly tired, and definitely not as healthy as I’d like.  So I’m going to hold myself accountable to my food consumption this week by coming up with a daily plan/format for my food consumption and limited allowed exercise.

Daily Food Plan for a Run-less Week

Breakfast: 1.5 pieces toast with almond butter, 1 cup yogurt with fruit and wheat germ.
Lunch: two fruits, one vegetable, one carb-y type thing like a sandwich, and one photo (5)main staple like chicken or whole wheat pizza
Snack: toast with peanut butter and banana (or something similar)
Dinner: main dish, vegetable, side dish(es) such as rice or potatoes
Dessert: fruit and chocolate
Strength exercises: Abs every day, alternating days of foam rolling/stretching and arm workouts

It may seem like I’m still eating a lot, and I am.  I’m a growing (I think) teenager; I’m not going to restrict calories or anything like that.  I’m just trying to slightly lessen the amount that I’m consuming because I’m not going to end up burning it off.

This plan is going to be made harder because we just got hit by yet another big snowstorm, so I have two days of not leaving the house and being around food all day.  I am so tired of snow! Can it please just be 70 degrees so it’s not burning hot but we can still run in spandex and sports bras? (Oh, wait, I’m not even running anyway.)

EDIT:  I’m allowing a bend in the rules for Tuesday– it’s National Pancake Day!! My lunch will be replaced with pancakes; there’s no way I’m not celebrating this holiday.


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