Food, Workouts and Weather Woes

Originally, my next post was going to be my outdoor track goals, but I have other stuff to write about, so maybe I’ll do that for the next one.

Every weekend, my mom plans out a few hours to hit up multiple grocery stores and replenish all the food that we’ve eaten throughout the week.  Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter, Shopper’s, BJ’s– we get to them all.  When we get back, nine times out of ten we have way more food than we initially planned on getting.

My favorite part of our grocery shopping sprees is the fruit.

photo 1

Apples, plums, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, oranges… we have them all!!

Anyway, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a day early because of conflicting sports schedules.  On the menu was mashed potatoes, corned beef, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, and sweet potatoes for yours truly.  Corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes– honestly, it’s one of my favorite meals, and we only have it once a year!  Maybe that’s the 12.5% Irish in me talking.  For dessert, we made an apple crisp, which is not Irish per se, but it is definitely delicious.

photo 2

I had a pretty interesting weekend, starting off with the first weight lifting session of the season with my dad yesterday morning!  After not lifting for three weeks, I am unspeakably sore today… Gotta get some strength and stability back into my muscles!  I’m upping my lifting sessions to two times a week instead of just one for the next few weeks because I feel that they are crucial to building a strong base and preventing injury.

After lifting, my plans for a hearty, nutritious breakfast were negated when we spontaneously stopped at a bakery and bought like five pounds of baked goods.  Lemon poppyseed cake, some kind of hazelnut heaven, coffee cake, and raspberry croissants were definitely a delicious indulgence and a well-deserved respite from my normal meals, but it’s time to get serious now. 😉

The rest of Saturday included going for a run in temperatures that didn’t quite warrant taking my shirt off but I did anyway, doing another in-car driving lesson (I’m in the process of getting my license- just a couple more weeks!!), getting a haircut after almost two years, and watching the New Balance indoor nationals live stream for hours.  If our team had run a 4 x mile, we would have been All-American!! Man!!

photo 4

How ’bout another apple crisp photo? Deeeelicious

I actually managed to get all of my immediate homework done with quite a few hours to spare today, although I still have to read 250 pages of Walden in the next three days.  Yeahhhhhhhno, that’s not happening.

Most of today was spent doing homework and obsessing over the NBNI live stream.  Alexa Efraimson, Elise Cranny, Tessa Barrett… can I just be a combination of all three of them? Please?  I’ll give up…um…all junk food.  Except I don’t eat very much junk in the first place, unlike my brother.  He came home from some sort of paintball event today, and when my mom asked him what he ate, the list sounded something like: “Uh, Twizzlers, Cherry Coke, pizza, candy…”  And you wonder why you are not in good shape.  We made him eat lots and lots of broccoli.

The weather is acting crazy!! Yesterday, it was (almost) hot enough to run without a shirt, but it is currently snowing with up to 6 inches expected by tomorrow.  What on earth??

Our first track workout of the season is scheduled for tomorrow, but watch it get snowed out! Ridiculous.  We had a trail workout the other day that was a tempo run/fartlek type thing.  It felt good, surprisingly.  I would describe my feelings about the upcoming season as “hopeful.”


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