Miscellaneous Monday

Some Monday Funday things:

I ate three bananas today.   Can you say obsession?

behold banana beauty

behold banana beauty

They just go with everything! On oatmeal, for snack, for dessert, with chocolate… ūüėČ

I weight lifted before school today, adamantly refusing to do any sort of leg work. ¬†In terms of strength work, last week was kind of lacking… I did one strength session like a week and a half ago and then a few half-hearted push-ups during the week. ¬†Oh well.

I had a great workout today, actually! ¬†Short and sweet: three mile repeats at a fast pace with extended rest (4 minutes of jogging). ¬†Our coach instructed us to run the first two at the pace he prescribed for us, then run the last one at¬†goal two mile pace. ¬†What!? ¬†I ran the first two at 6:00 and 6:01, right on pace. ¬†Everyone was dreading the last one, but I managed to finish (with terrible form) in 5:37! ¬†(11:14 two mile pace) After a mile cool down, we felt¬†entitled to skip¬†our post-workout ab routine. ¬†Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.


how I feel about core tomorrow

I’m happy with today’s workout, especially considering Saturday’s disaster.

Anyway, aside from a good workout,¬†I have a rant about my psychology teacher. ¬†For some background, I’m in IB, so six of my classes are intense high level courses. ¬†My seventh class is a general psychology class full of idiots that I signed up for just to fill my schedule requirements of seven classes. ¬†(IB Psych was full) ¬†The teacher is the biggest idiot of them all. ¬†And he thinks all the things he says are¬†right when they’re all just plain wrong.¬† I honestly wanted to punch him in the face today. ¬†We started the “Adolescent Development” unit and here are just three of the dozens of ridiculously aggravating “facts” he spewed:

1) “Girls who develop later have higher self-esteem and are less self-conscious because they don’t get unwanted attention from boys and people call them ‘cute’ and it makes them feel better about themselves.”

Yeah.  Actually, every single girl in my class protested this little factoid, but obviously he knows better than the PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY GIRLS AND HAVE ACTUALLY GONE THROUGH MIDDLE SCHOOL AND PUBERTY AS A GIRL because he watched some movie where this was the case.

2) “Anorexics have to be at least 25% underweight.”

I personally¬†challenged him (relatively politely, I think) on this one because IT IS SO FREAKIN’ WRONG. ¬†I said, “There are plenty of anorexic people who aren’t underweight at all. ¬†It’s a mental disorder with physical side effects, not a physical disorder.” He responded, “Well, sometimes they aren’t exactly 25% underweight, but they’re on their way there.” NO NO NO YOU ARE SO STUPID OH MY GOD.

3) “The only males who are bulimic are athletes who have to lose weight for sports competitions, like wrestlers.”

Whoa whoa whoa. ¬†So many things wrong with this statement. ¬†Good lord. ¬†To make matters worse, some insensitive moron commented, “Hah huh heh bulimia, that sounds like a Harry Potter spell.”

4) here’s an extra one! “Anorexia only manifests around age 17 and later.”

And then some brilliant Einstein in my class chimed in, “Oh yeah, I saw a documentary about a 12-year-old anorexic and it was like the youngest case ever.” Do you know how stupid you are? ¬†Anorexia can manifest at literally any point in someone’s life. ¬†Hell, there are five-year-olds who think they are fat, as sad as that is.

Soooo, yeah, this has been an extremely biased, opinionated, rude rant but I hope nobody minds. ¬†If you do, you can leave me a nasty comment ūüėČ ¬†Or just don’t read it; that’s fine too.

Happy Monday!



Medical tent adventures

For only the second time since December, I did not PR in an open race.

I knew this would happen eventually, but I’ve just been spoiled and lucky and got used to PR-ing. ¬†I was a little upset with this race because I know I’m in better shape than a 5:20 mile. ¬†But the circumstances that followed the race were so extremely strange that I’m not that focused on the race itself.

We miscalculated the time until our race so I ate my English muffin too close to the race and they were lining us up when we were still on our warm-up. ¬† We didn’t really get to stretch or skip or anything. ¬†To top it off, I forgot my spikes, so I had to race back up¬†to the team tent, grab them, and race back.

Starting line non-excitement

Starting line non-excitement

I was going to try to go for the state auto, but I was a bit skeptical because it was hot, the sun was blazing, and I was tired.

The gun went off, and literally no one wanted to take the lead.  Unfortunately, I ended up in front with some other girl and we had to lead for three laps.  (81, 79, 80 high)

In front, not by choice ;)

In front, not by choice ūüėČ

By the third lap, I was pretty¬†exhausted, and my feet were on¬†fire. ¬†Stupid bunions :/ The bell rang signaling the last lap, and I was immediately passed by six people. ¬†Awkward… ¬†I kind of died mentally on the back stretch of the last lap, especially when I saw my teammate (who’s the same speed as me) shoot into first. ¬†With 150 meters to go, I thought, “I’m in¬†seventh place.¬†This is not okay! I have to get a medal!” I passed my one of my teammates (not the one in first), kicked down the home stretch passing two other girls, and finished fourth in¬†5:20. I thought I’d gotten 5:19, but alas. ¬†It doesn’t matter anyway. ¬†I was well¬†off my goal of 5:12.


Yeeahhh, not the greatest race

Immediately after crossing the finish line, I physically felt awful.  The sun/heat/food/bad race prep had taken its toll, I guess, because both of my teammates and I looked and felt like death.  Our coach commanded us not to cool down, but to sit in the shade and pour ice over each other.  My teammate who had won started throwing up, but the other girl and I started feeling better.  We walked back to our tent and sat for a little while, then decided to try to cool down.  Unfortunately, we both suddenly felt like we were going to pass out/throw up/die, so we took a detour to the medical tent.

As I crossed the turf field on the way to the medical tent, all of a sudden I collapsed onto all fours. ¬†It was so weird! ¬†I was hyperventilating and crying and just couldn’t stand or function. ¬†I somehow ended up lying on my back on the ground in the medical tent, but I don’t really remember clearly how I got there. ¬†I had a bag of ice and people were talking at/around me, trying to locate my mom, etc. ¬†It was awkward because they were saying stuff like, “You just pushed yourself a little too hard” when I hadn’t even run that well. ¬†After awhile, I got my breathing under control and started to feel better. ¬†I sat up on the medical tent bench and some lady gave me more ice and an energy chew. ¬†My teammate was on the ground kind of sitting in a daze. ¬†Eventually, we felt okay enough to leave the tent, and I jogged for about five minutes to get some sort of cool down in even though my race had been over for almost an hour.

Too bad no one got a picture of that!

To sum it all up, it was by far the weirdest race experience I’ve ever had. ¬†A kind-of-crappy race followed by nausea, disorientation, delirium, lots of ice, and Gatorade chews.

I’m taking today¬†off and hopefully this coming week brings solid workouts and lots of rest. ¬†I’ll really focus on my diet and nutrition, along with trying to get enough sleep. ¬†My body clock has been forcing me to wake up at 6 every day, so I’m in a little sleep deficit right now which is quite frustrating.

Let’s try to keep the scary race experiences at bay ands steer clear of the medical tent!

How is spring break already over??

I’m a terrible person because I’ve been trying to publish something- anything-¬†for four days and just haven’t gotten around to it!

Happy Easter to everyone, no matter if you are super religious or if you used to be super religious but are now a Christmas-and-Easter-churchgoer. (Guess who the latter applies to)

I finally have my driver’s license!! Now there’s just the issue of acquiring a car…what with my current savings, I see that happening when I’m, oh, maybe 35. ¬†I did go on my first official errand, though, to Harris Teeter for vanilla ice cream!

My driving instructor came into¬†the¬†house to have my mom sign all the necessary papers, and my eighth-grade brother was singing some sort of pop song, in falsetto, at the top of his lungs upstairs. ¬†So my driving instructor went, in his thick accent, “Is he auditioning for American Idol?”

Maybe it was a had-to-be-there moment.

Spring break has gone well for the most part.¬† I’m definitely behind on my homework/SAT prep, but that’s to be expected. ¬†I typed up a long, boring post about my road trip last week, but probably no one wants to read about what I did every second of the day, so here’s the Cliffs Notes version: My mom and I road-tripped Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday touring colleges, resulting in some gigantic not-so-healthy meals because we went out for lunch and dinner¬†every day. Luckily, I’ve gotten back on the nutrition train for the most part, aside from a few froyo field trips to celebrate me not failing my driver’s test. ūüėČ

Spring break training

  • Saturday 4/12: 50 min run + core + push-ups
  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: mile warm-up, 6x800m w/ 2-3 min jog, 800 cool down while accidentally trespassing (I think) on some random track in North Carolina. Very humid. Yuck.
Post-humid morning workout on the track we weren't supposed to be at.

Post-humid morning workout on the track we weren’t supposed to be using.

  • Tuesday: 40 min treadmill + core + weights in the hotel fitness room
  • Wednesday: mile warm-up, descending ladder- 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 300 w/ 3 min jog between each, 1200 cool down + core
  • Thursday: 40 min run + core + push-ups
  • Friday: 10 min warm-up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cool down
  • Saturday: long run- 8 miles. ¬†Morning weight lifting + abs. ¬†Mom was¬†late coming to¬†drop me off at a spot on the trail so I had to improvise some quick pre-long run fueling…spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly!



  • Sunday: off

In typical teenage fashion, I discovered on my long run that your phone (which I was carrying to listen to music) makes a very good distraction from the pain you’re putting yourself through. ¬†Have you ever tried texting while running? It’s difficult, man! ¬†I ended up sending my friends short videos of me narrating my run because I was a) bored, b) in pain, c) mentally dysfunctional, and d) it’s really, really hard to type while running so naturally videos are the way to go.

Here are some other snippets of my spring break:

photo 2

I don’t even know what this face is… enjoying the return of warmish weather. Should’ve brought sunglasses. #selfie

photo 1

My breakfast every day for the past month. ¬†Oatmeal made with milk, buried under a mountain of bananas, strawberries, frozen raspberries, almond butter, and cinnamon. ‚̧

More highlights to come.

My next “goal” race- the mile- is in six¬†days! Yikes! ¬†I wish it wasn’t right after spring break because that’s notoriously the time when everyone is out of shape. ¬†However, I did PR in the two mile nine days ago, and I’ve had a solid week of solo spring break training, so hopefully the race won’t be too bad.


Snap out of it! and a PR

I was in this weird mental and physical funk for about three days this week.  Mentally, I felt annoyed and depressed.  Physically, my workouts felt more taxing than usual and my easy run on Thursday felt impossible and shitty.

Leading up to the two mile yesterday, I was not excited at all. ¬†I kept thinking, “My legs feel like crap and I’m just not in the same shape I was at the end of indoor.” ¬†I couldn’t seem to snap out of the funk.

My teammate and I warmed up, and our coach told us that we were seeded 1 and 2. ¬†That was a little exciting for me, actually, but not so much for my teammate (who’s faster than me). ¬†She wanted to get the 11-minute mark, but obviously I can’t help her with that ūüėČ

Our coach told me that my goal was to go for the state auto, which was only two seconds faster than my PR, but I still didn’t think I could do it. ¬†Snap out of it!!!

We lined up at the starting line, and the gun went off.  Our first lap flew by (80), and our second lap slowed wayyy down (87), but after that, we fell into the rhythm and started ticking off laps.  85, 85, 85.  Some beeyotch freshman tried to elbow me out of my lane during lap 3 (!!!) but she soon fell back.  We passed the mile mark in 5:41, slower than my teammate wanted to go through, but perfect for me.


The last two and a half laps felt like death- I’d forgotten how bad two miles hurt. ¬†Coming through with one lap to go (10:01) I honestly wanted to quit, but I kept thinking how furious I’d be if I just missed the state auto time.¬†¬†Coming around to the home stretch, I did not let myself slow down as I sprinted down the¬†straightaway¬† and finished in¬†11:22, a PR by six seconds and a state auto!¬†My teammate got first by about three seconds, and I got second!

As I crossed the finish line, I promptly tripped over my own spike and landed on the turf. ¬†Spectators might’ve thought I collapsed because I ran to the point where I couldn’t stand up anymore, but nope… I’m just a klutz. ūüėČ

photo 1

Crossing the finish line ecstatic…

And then tripping...

And then tripping… and hitting my teammate…


[She’s] going downnnn… I’m yelling timber

I’m very happy that I’m going into spring break on this note instead of still in a¬†funk. ¬†I’m hoping for another week and a half of solid training, along with eating lots of good food. ūüôā

T-6 days until I’m licensed!!!!!

I made a list of all the school-related things and other stuff I have to do over spring break and almost started crying. ¬†There’s so much to do…ahhhh! ¬†Sometimes I wonder why I ever signed up for full IB.

5 is more than 4

I love my team to death, but there’s one problem: there are only four spots on a relay.

With three super speedy seniors, that leaves one open relay spot. ¬†Obviously, I earned the spot at indoor states,¬†but Penn Relays is looming closer and our coach had to make another decision. ¬†Just like last time, one of my best friends and I are neck and neck in terms of 800 times (she’s an 800/mile girl while I still think of myself as a mile/two mile girl). ¬†Based off of last Saturday’s performances, although I beat her in the open 800, she still ran one second faster than me in the 4×8… sooo long story short, she got¬†the spot for Penn.

Am I disappointed? ¬†To be honest, I am, a little, but ultimately I think the decision works in my favor. ¬†If I had run at Penn, the only date that I could feasibly run the mile before conferences this season fell on the same day that I’m taking the SAT. ¬†I have no desire to rest my hopes on a race where I’ll already be mentally exhausted. ¬†This way, I can run the mile at the meet the day after Penn, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I’d gotten¬†the relay spot.

Okay! Enough of that. ¬†In terms of running this week, we’ll start with something not me-related!¬†My mom ran her first ten-miler on Sunday in 1:28! (About 8:50/mile)¬†Pretty solid for someone who trains by running with our crazy dog and had never actually run ten miles before. ¬†Am I rubbing off on her? ūüėČ

Thoughts: "So freakin' cold and I have to stand here for 40 more minutes until Mom runs by"

Thoughts: “So freakin’ cold and I have to stand here for 40 more minutes until Mom runs by”

Also, it was the USA 10-mile championships, so I got to cheer for all the elite runners as I froze my tail off…

photo 3

It’s Sara Hall!! *swoons*

Luckily, the next week or so should be above 70 every day. ¬†I’m so excited!

This week’s running has included 4x1000m on Monday (it was cold and rainy so they cut us off at 4; I could have done more!), lifting/strength circuits on Tuesday morning, which made for a struggling¬†Tuesday afternoon “easy” run, and 10x300m today. ¬†I’m running the two mile on Friday and hoping, hoping, hoping to¬†pull the state auto. ¬†It’s not the end of the world if I don’t, but it would be so nice just to get it out of the way (and brag that I time-qualified for states…;) There’s also a possibility that I’ll run the 4×8 on Saturday morning.

In other news, it’s spirit week! Yesterday was Wacky Tacky Tuesday:

photo-2Time for some mind-blah. ¬†I need to refocus: not worry about the 4×8, because¬†really, that’s not my priority. ¬†I need to stick to the game plan, and also have fun. ¬†Phew. ¬†Deep breaths.¬†But exams and papers and high stress shit is coming my way and I just want to stuff my face with chocolate and watch stupid shows on Hulu all day. ¬†Too bad, we can’t do that. ¬†As long as I prioritize and manage my time,¬†it will be okay.

Running is a stress reliever, and I should be thankful I have it.



What even is the 800?

Well, the 800 state auto didn’t happen today! ¬†To be honest, I wasn’t even close.


Wind and I are not friends

Wind and I are not friends

Last night, our varsity squad threw an impromptu pasta dinner at one of the boys’ houses, and as a result I didn’t get to bed until 11:30. ¬†That never happens, especially not on race nights. ¬†I’m such a grandma that I’m in bed by 10:30 even on weekends.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning for no particular reason and couldn’t go back to sleep. ¬†We left around 8:30 and got to the meet at 9. ¬†It was windy and cold, not ideal racing weather. ¬†I was running the anchor leg of the 4×800, so whereas people who ran the first leg got to get it over with and throw their sweats back on, us poor anchors had to stand in our uniforms for three times as long and shiver…

Anyway, we ended up running completely alone out front and winning by like 25 seconds.  As a result of the lack of competition, my split was not quite where I was hoping; my first lap was a 71 and my second was a 74 (2:25).  But two of my teammates blasted their PRs by five seconds!

We won!

We won! Also, I can’t take normal pictures

The open 800 was about three hours after the 4×8, so we hung around, ate many carbs, foam rolled, and listened to music. ¬†We got to see two of our girls go 1-2 in the mile, shatter both their PRs, and qualify for states along with one of our boys!

By the time the 800 rolled around, we weren’t really in the mood to race, especially when we realized that our ditsy head coach had entered all three of us with very slow times, so we ended up in the second fastest heat. ¬†Damn.

Instead of splitting it up into two 400s, our coach told us to think of the race in terms of 500, 300. ¬†It seemed to work because I won the heat¬†(2:25 again). ¬†It was even windier than the 4×8 and I literally staggered down the home stretch. It was one of the most painful finishes I can remember. D:¬†I’m not thrilled with my times, but it’s okay. ¬†I’ll just put in more work, keep doing all the little things, and what comes is what comes.

I have run 3 800s within the past 3 meets (states and today) which is more than I ran in a year.  What??

After we left the meet, I ate pancakes for lunch that were two times the size of my head!

photo 3-6

Much butter. Many carbs.

Oh yeah, and I made triple chocolate cookies yesterday morning before school.  NBD.

Tomorrow I get to get up at 6 am to go downtown and be my mom’s cheerleader as she runs a ten-miler. ¬†Fun fact: she’s never run ten miles before. ¬†We’ll see how it goes. ūüėČ


April Fool’s and the ultimate comfort food

Happy Day After April Fool’s Day! ¬†Did you prank anyone?

Our girls’ team pranked one of the boys by writing “PROM?” across our stomachs and “APRIL FOOLS” across our backs. ¬†I don’t have a picture of the entire¬†spectacle, but it was pretty great. ¬†Especially when our old, ridiculous sprinter coach had a fit of convulsive laughter.

photo 1-2

My role in the debacle… I had an “I” and an “L” on my back

Rockin’ the¬†shorts-under-sweats look. ¬†Nothing like post-run fashion…

Yesterday was just a run, but¬†I was starving (as usual) from the time I got home until dinner. ¬†I spend much of the hour between 6 and 7 o’clock trying to distract myself¬†from the fact that dinner is not ready yet. ¬†Even my post-workout snack of two pieces of toast with peanut butter and banana seemed to make me hungrier! ¬†But last night, dinner was worth the wait.

photo 3-5

My wonderful mother made a gigantic lasagna!! ¬†Layers upon layers of noodles, cheese, sausage (I don’t even like sausage), ground beef, more cheese, sauce, tomatoes… ’twas delicious. ¬†I ate three huge pieces,¬†and I am not sorry in the slightest.

photo 4-2

b4d39b2962f7e7ac23159684cd651356After dinner, my dessert consisted of a cup of Chobani blueberry…but I’m the weird person who scoops out half the¬†sugar syrup¬†fruit¬†at the bottom because it’s way too sweet. ¬†I added a heaping spoonful of plain Greek yogurt and some bananas. ¬†Yum. ¬†Healthy!

photo 5-2

feat. tiger tail

Today was our only home meet/Senior Night. ¬†Unfortunately, I was doing some driver’s ed stuff¬†that fell smack in the middle of the meet. ¬†So I did a solo track workout right after school…and didn’t realize until after I started that I had remnants of the M, I, and L from our prank still written on my stomach and back. ¬†Whoops! ¬†On the other hand, I had a very good workout considering I was alone; I did a descending ladder, nothing long or fancy, 1600, 1200, 800, 400. ¬†5:57, 4:20, 2:48, 1:15. ¬†Everything except the 12 was faster than the paces my coach had given me. ¬†Is that good…or bad?

Our next meet is on Saturday, and I’m running the 4×8 and the open 800. ¬†What has happened to my “I don’t run 800s” mindset? ¬†The state autos came out yesterday and they are so slow (relatively speaking) that my times from indoor almost qualify me! My coach wants me to aim for maybe the state auto in the 800 this Saturday, so I’ll see what I can do. ¬†My calf is feeling quite a bit better ūüôā

Rain, rain, go away– except you brought a US#1 time, so stay!

Last week started out strong.  I made it through a Monday track workout (7x800m starting at 2:55 and ending at 2:49) and decided to aqua jog on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a morning lifting session and an afternoon run.  Abs most days.  I was getting excited for our first meet scheduled for Saturday.  The usual.

On Thursday morning, I got out of bed and knew something was up. ¬†My entire left calf muscle was extremely tight, not sore exactly, but it felt like someone had repeatedly taken a hammer and bludgeoned just the muscle, nothing else. ¬†I brought my tiger tail to school, spent the day sort of hopping up and down the stairs, and heated the muscle for about twenty¬†minutes after school. ¬†I tried one warm-up lap around the track, but the muscle was just not in the mood to run; my coach told me to skip that day’s track workout, go home and rest. ¬†I wasn’t even supposed to use the elliptical.

Grr! Do you know how¬†mentally difficult/annoying it is for me to just…not exercise in the middle of the week?

Real-time real mad

Real-time real mad. #angryselfie

So I skipped the workout, iced, and foam rolled all afternoon.  I knew I had made the right decision because there was no way I could have done the workout on that calf.

photo 2-3

Do you like my snowman sheets?

Friday I ran 25 minutes easy with my friend who was suffering from the same kind of calf thing.

I woke up early on Saturday¬†to the sound of rain splattering the ground. ¬†My coach and I had decided to keep me in the relay that day, so I fueled up with a¬†cinnamon raisin English muffin, almond butter, and banana. ¬†Thankfully, although my leg didn’t feel 100%, it at least felt run-able. ¬†Our coach is really bad at meet time management, so we ended up being the last relay to check in. Our lead off leg was literally tying her spikes on the starting line. ¬†Typical. ¬†It was pouring rain and chilly; our goal for the race was to get a national auto and win because the next fastest team was seeded a full¬†two minutes behind us.

By the time our first girl finished, we already had a 25-second lead,¬†and our second leg increased¬†our lead to probably 200 meters. As I grabbed the baton, I was surprised that I wasn’t more apprehensive about racing with zero speed work and a slight calf injury. ¬†I focused on lapping other teams, and ran a solid 5:25 without feeling completely spent. Yay! Our anchor¬†crossed the finish line after at least lapping every other team in the field. ¬†Our time was not only a national auto, but a NATIONAL LEADER! We are (currently) US #1! And we can run faster than we actually did; if you add up our indoor times it’s something like 30 seconds faster than we ran on Saturday.

Mom: "Let me get a photo!" Us: "We are soaking wet and disgusting but oookayyy"

Your current national leaders!¬†It’ll only last a few days though…

Splits: 79, 81, 84, 81. Decent enough after a week of just three days of running, not a single speed workout this season, and less-than-ideal weather.

Snapshot 2014-03-31 20-40-53

My mom managed to capture perfectly my feelings toward racing in the rain on a complaining calf. ¬†See side picture ūüėČ

Today we had a track workout of 400m repeats, and afterwards, I PR-ed in the number of consecutive push-ups I can do!

I ate very well today, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings. ¬†I just stocked my sports locker with KIND bars to save me in case a craving hits in the middle of class…