Rain, rain, go away– except you brought a US#1 time, so stay!

Last week started out strong.  I made it through a Monday track workout (7x800m starting at 2:55 and ending at 2:49) and decided to aqua jog on Tuesday.  Wednesday I had a morning lifting session and an afternoon run.  Abs most days.  I was getting excited for our first meet scheduled for Saturday.  The usual.

On Thursday morning, I got out of bed and knew something was up.  My entire left calf muscle was extremely tight, not sore exactly, but it felt like someone had repeatedly taken a hammer and bludgeoned just the muscle, nothing else.  I brought my tiger tail to school, spent the day sort of hopping up and down the stairs, and heated the muscle for about twenty minutes after school.  I tried one warm-up lap around the track, but the muscle was just not in the mood to run; my coach told me to skip that day’s track workout, go home and rest.  I wasn’t even supposed to use the elliptical.

Grr! Do you know how mentally difficult/annoying it is for me to just…not exercise in the middle of the week?

Real-time real mad

Real-time real mad. #angryselfie

So I skipped the workout, iced, and foam rolled all afternoon.  I knew I had made the right decision because there was no way I could have done the workout on that calf.

photo 2-3

Do you like my snowman sheets?

Friday I ran 25 minutes easy with my friend who was suffering from the same kind of calf thing.

I woke up early on Saturday to the sound of rain splattering the ground.  My coach and I had decided to keep me in the relay that day, so I fueled up with a cinnamon raisin English muffin, almond butter, and banana.  Thankfully, although my leg didn’t feel 100%, it at least felt run-able.  Our coach is really bad at meet time management, so we ended up being the last relay to check in. Our lead off leg was literally tying her spikes on the starting line.  Typical.  It was pouring rain and chilly; our goal for the race was to get a national auto and win because the next fastest team was seeded a full two minutes behind us.

By the time our first girl finished, we already had a 25-second lead, and our second leg increased our lead to probably 200 meters. As I grabbed the baton, I was surprised that I wasn’t more apprehensive about racing with zero speed work and a slight calf injury.  I focused on lapping other teams, and ran a solid 5:25 without feeling completely spent. Yay! Our anchor crossed the finish line after at least lapping every other team in the field.  Our time was not only a national auto, but a NATIONAL LEADER! We are (currently) US #1! And we can run faster than we actually did; if you add up our indoor times it’s something like 30 seconds faster than we ran on Saturday.

Mom: "Let me get a photo!" Us: "We are soaking wet and disgusting but oookayyy"

Your current national leaders! It’ll only last a few days though…

Splits: 79, 81, 84, 81. Decent enough after a week of just three days of running, not a single speed workout this season, and less-than-ideal weather.

Snapshot 2014-03-31 20-40-53

My mom managed to capture perfectly my feelings toward racing in the rain on a complaining calf.  See side picture 😉

Today we had a track workout of 400m repeats, and afterwards, I PR-ed in the number of consecutive push-ups I can do!

I ate very well today, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the week brings.  I just stocked my sports locker with KIND bars to save me in case a craving hits in the middle of class…



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