What even is the 800?

Well, the 800 state auto didn’t happen today!  To be honest, I wasn’t even close.


Wind and I are not friends

Wind and I are not friends

Last night, our varsity squad threw an impromptu pasta dinner at one of the boys’ houses, and as a result I didn’t get to bed until 11:30.  That never happens, especially not on race nights.  I’m such a grandma that I’m in bed by 10:30 even on weekends.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning for no particular reason and couldn’t go back to sleep.  We left around 8:30 and got to the meet at 9.  It was windy and cold, not ideal racing weather.  I was running the anchor leg of the 4×800, so whereas people who ran the first leg got to get it over with and throw their sweats back on, us poor anchors had to stand in our uniforms for three times as long and shiver…

Anyway, we ended up running completely alone out front and winning by like 25 seconds.  As a result of the lack of competition, my split was not quite where I was hoping; my first lap was a 71 and my second was a 74 (2:25).  But two of my teammates blasted their PRs by five seconds!

We won!

We won! Also, I can’t take normal pictures

The open 800 was about three hours after the 4×8, so we hung around, ate many carbs, foam rolled, and listened to music.  We got to see two of our girls go 1-2 in the mile, shatter both their PRs, and qualify for states along with one of our boys!

By the time the 800 rolled around, we weren’t really in the mood to race, especially when we realized that our ditsy head coach had entered all three of us with very slow times, so we ended up in the second fastest heat.  Damn.

Instead of splitting it up into two 400s, our coach told us to think of the race in terms of 500, 300.  It seemed to work because I won the heat (2:25 again).  It was even windier than the 4×8 and I literally staggered down the home stretch. It was one of the most painful finishes I can remember. D: I’m not thrilled with my times, but it’s okay.  I’ll just put in more work, keep doing all the little things, and what comes is what comes.

I have run 3 800s within the past 3 meets (states and today) which is more than I ran in a year.  What??

After we left the meet, I ate pancakes for lunch that were two times the size of my head!

photo 3-6

Much butter. Many carbs.

Oh yeah, and I made triple chocolate cookies yesterday morning before school.  NBD.

Tomorrow I get to get up at 6 am to go downtown and be my mom’s cheerleader as she runs a ten-miler.  Fun fact: she’s never run ten miles before.  We’ll see how it goes. 😉



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