5 is more than 4

I love my team to death, but there’s one problem: there are only four spots on a relay.

With three super speedy seniors, that leaves one open relay spot.  Obviously, I earned the spot at indoor states, but Penn Relays is looming closer and our coach had to make another decision.  Just like last time, one of my best friends and I are neck and neck in terms of 800 times (she’s an 800/mile girl while I still think of myself as a mile/two mile girl).  Based off of last Saturday’s performances, although I beat her in the open 800, she still ran one second faster than me in the 4×8… sooo long story short, she got the spot for Penn.

Am I disappointed?  To be honest, I am, a little, but ultimately I think the decision works in my favor.  If I had run at Penn, the only date that I could feasibly run the mile before conferences this season fell on the same day that I’m taking the SAT.  I have no desire to rest my hopes on a race where I’ll already be mentally exhausted.  This way, I can run the mile at the meet the day after Penn, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I’d gotten the relay spot.

Okay! Enough of that.  In terms of running this week, we’ll start with something not me-related! My mom ran her first ten-miler on Sunday in 1:28! (About 8:50/mile) Pretty solid for someone who trains by running with our crazy dog and had never actually run ten miles before.  Am I rubbing off on her? 😉

Thoughts: "So freakin' cold and I have to stand here for 40 more minutes until Mom runs by"

Thoughts: “So freakin’ cold and I have to stand here for 40 more minutes until Mom runs by”

Also, it was the USA 10-mile championships, so I got to cheer for all the elite runners as I froze my tail off…

photo 3

It’s Sara Hall!! *swoons*

Luckily, the next week or so should be above 70 every day.  I’m so excited!

This week’s running has included 4x1000m on Monday (it was cold and rainy so they cut us off at 4; I could have done more!), lifting/strength circuits on Tuesday morning, which made for a struggling Tuesday afternoon “easy” run, and 10x300m today.  I’m running the two mile on Friday and hoping, hoping, hoping to pull the state auto.  It’s not the end of the world if I don’t, but it would be so nice just to get it out of the way (and brag that I time-qualified for states…;) There’s also a possibility that I’ll run the 4×8 on Saturday morning.

In other news, it’s spirit week! Yesterday was Wacky Tacky Tuesday:

photo-2Time for some mind-blah.  I need to refocus: not worry about the 4×8, because really, that’s not my priority.  I need to stick to the game plan, and also have fun.  Phew.  Deep breaths. But exams and papers and high stress shit is coming my way and I just want to stuff my face with chocolate and watch stupid shows on Hulu all day.  Too bad, we can’t do that.  As long as I prioritize and manage my time, it will be okay.

Running is a stress reliever, and I should be thankful I have it.




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