Snap out of it! and a PR

I was in this weird mental and physical funk for about three days this week.  Mentally, I felt annoyed and depressed.  Physically, my workouts felt more taxing than usual and my easy run on Thursday felt impossible and shitty.

Leading up to the two mile yesterday, I was not excited at all.  I kept thinking, “My legs feel like crap and I’m just not in the same shape I was at the end of indoor.”  I couldn’t seem to snap out of the funk.

My teammate and I warmed up, and our coach told us that we were seeded 1 and 2.  That was a little exciting for me, actually, but not so much for my teammate (who’s faster than me).  She wanted to get the 11-minute mark, but obviously I can’t help her with that 😉

Our coach told me that my goal was to go for the state auto, which was only two seconds faster than my PR, but I still didn’t think I could do it.  Snap out of it!!!

We lined up at the starting line, and the gun went off.  Our first lap flew by (80), and our second lap slowed wayyy down (87), but after that, we fell into the rhythm and started ticking off laps.  85, 85, 85.  Some beeyotch freshman tried to elbow me out of my lane during lap 3 (!!!) but she soon fell back.  We passed the mile mark in 5:41, slower than my teammate wanted to go through, but perfect for me.


The last two and a half laps felt like death- I’d forgotten how bad two miles hurt.  Coming through with one lap to go (10:01) I honestly wanted to quit, but I kept thinking how furious I’d be if I just missed the state auto time.  Coming around to the home stretch, I did not let myself slow down as I sprinted down the straightaway  and finished in 11:22, a PR by six seconds and a state auto! My teammate got first by about three seconds, and I got second!

As I crossed the finish line, I promptly tripped over my own spike and landed on the turf.  Spectators might’ve thought I collapsed because I ran to the point where I couldn’t stand up anymore, but nope… I’m just a klutz. 😉

photo 1

Crossing the finish line ecstatic…

And then tripping...

And then tripping… and hitting my teammate…


[She’s] going downnnn… I’m yelling timber

I’m very happy that I’m going into spring break on this note instead of still in a funk.  I’m hoping for another week and a half of solid training, along with eating lots of good food. 🙂

T-6 days until I’m licensed!!!!!

I made a list of all the school-related things and other stuff I have to do over spring break and almost started crying.  There’s so much to do…ahhhh!  Sometimes I wonder why I ever signed up for full IB.


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