Finally posting again!

Phew! These past few weeks have been full of the SAT, track meets, papers, IB exams and other tests, etc.  Sorry I haven’t posted– I just haven’t had any time!

Here’s a quick recap of my life the last few weeks:

  • I took the SAT! *groan*
  • The same day I took the SAT, I raced the two mile.  My brain was totally fried and we raced really late, but I still got my season goal of sub- 11:20! I went through the first mile in 5:37 right behind my teammate and another girl.  They started to speed up because their goal was closer to 11 flat, so I just tried to hang on.  I finished in a PR of 11:19My teammate won and our speedy freshman ran a 2o second PR and finished close behind me to qualify for states! Cray.
The race photographer stopped after the slow two mile heat (!!!!) so here's a screenshot of a video instead

The race photographer stopped taking pictures after the slow two mile heat (!!!!) so here’s a screenshot of a video instead

  • Hard workouts from the past few weeks include 8x400m between 74-79, 3x1000m/4x200m, and the never-ending 3x800m relay workout (2:36, 2:45, 2:50. Very hot!).  Can you tell we are tapering?
  • Quad meet to try for some regional autos…too bad you can’t get regional autos in a meet with less than ten teams! C’mon VHSL.  I still split a 63 in a 4×400, so that was nice 😉
  • IB Economics exam last week, which meant I only went to school for less than 90 minutes on both Monday and Tuesday
  • Hot weather meant early morning workouts! Not that I don’t wake up at 5:30 anyway, #lightsleeperproblems
  • Unnecessary milkshakes/froyo/French bread
  • But I did counteract it with salads…
photo 4-1

I went a little crazy at Whole Foods…there’s a mountain of spinach under there as well

photo 2-3

  • Mother’s Day!  We went for a family hike including the dog
photo 2-4

He was pretty excited to be there

photo 1-4 photo 3-2

  • I tried my hand at being social for once… pizza and s’mores with some friends last night!
People always confuse us for each other

People always confuse us for each other

Life has been pretty crazy lately, but summer is only a month away!  My friends won’t shut up about SATs and college, and it’s driving me insane.  I honestly like talking to parents about college more than my friends because at least the adults make it about you and not a competition.  With friends, it’s more like, “What subject tests are you taking/I’m going to apply Early Decision here even though they’ve never accepted anyone from our school ever so basically I’m better/what do you mean you can’t take the SAT in June what are you going to do/I feel guilty because I’ll get into a better school than my sister/I’m also going to take the ACT/you don’t know what you’re writing your Extended Essay on yet??/wow/this is so not a competition but it actually so is.”

Great way to end a post.  Cheerio!


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