Regionals + not a miler??

This week was SOL week, so I only had school for three hours a day almost the entire week!

Anyway, the conjunctivitis led to or happened because of or coincidentally occurred at the same time as intense headaches.  I was in a lot of pain from Friday until Tuesday.  On Tuesday, I took an Excedrin after days of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and Dayquil/Nyquil made no dent in the knife-sharp pain behind my left eye and forehead.  45 minutes after I took Excedrin, boom.  Gone.  Headache= no ache.

Doctor’s diagnosis? Migraines!!

My runs last weekend were total crap because I still had conjunctivitis and a headache, and I had to do a workout on Tuesday by myself with a headache.  Suffice to say my training and body condition leading up to regionals were not the greatest.

Thursday was the 4×8.  We were running our “A” team, so there was a good chance of us doing really well.  Unfortunately, two other really good schools were also running their “A” team, so we were seeded third.  Our coach switched around the order to see if the change would make us run differently (i.e. faster), and it worked because….


I ran second and got the baton from my teammate who ran a huge leg (2 second PR) to put us in first.

k k-1
I totally look like a rat in that second picture but that’s okay, just focus on my leg muscle 😉

I maintained the lead for about 600 meters of my leg, but the 2:12 girl from one of the fast schools and the 2:13 girl from the other fast school caught up to and passed me.  I tried to hold on for dear life and managed to stay right behind one of them.   I ran a 2:21, which is a PR for me!! I handed off to my teammate, and she got us back securely into second (there was no way she could catch the first girl, who is like fourth in the nation or something).  Our anchor got the baton at least eight seconds behind #1 and she went HAM.  She acted like she was running a 400!  Her first lap was a 62 or 63, something ridiculous, and she caught up to the school in first!  We were all going crazy at that point at the prospect of winning a regional championship against a team that had won three national titles.  Unfortunately, the other team’s anchor was quite strong (and she hadn’t gone out in a 63), so she was able to pull away for a four-second win.  We finished in 9:08 which if I say so myself is a freaking ridiculous time.  Our anchor had split a 2:11, which was the fastest split out of anybody that day, including Miss Fourth in the Nation.  To win, she would’ve had to run a 2:07, so we were all extremely happy with second!!

k-6 k-5

I’m quite content with being the fastest slowest leg in the history of our school 😉

None of my 4×8 teammates were running open events on Friday because of prom, so it was just us four “underclassmen.” (Juniors are upperclassmen, but my coach refers to everyone who isn’t a senior as underclassmen.  It’s very annoying.)  I was running the mile with my other teammate whose goal was to qualify for states.  On the other hand, I personally had no goal.  Also, my legs were tired.  Also, I honestly didn’t care if I PR-ed or not.  Clearly, I should have taken these signs into account and known that it would probably not be a good race… and it wasn’t.  We went through the 800 at 2:38 and, feeling that my legs were tired from the 4×8, I completely gave up mentally.  I ended up finishing in 5:21 or some meaningless time like that.  My teammate finally got the auto in 5:11, though!! She’s a beast.

Time for some self-pep talk.  I just have to accept the fact that the mile may not be for me!  I’m a freaking beast at the two mile, yes I am.  I’ve dropped FORTY SECONDS over the course of a year.  That’s literally 200 meters.  I can now run 3200 meters in the time that it took me to run 3000 meters last year.  Forty seconds!! That’s freaking incredible.  And I’m good at the 800.  So what if the 1600 busts my ass every time?  Who cares???? The 800 and the 3200 are better.  They’re just better!  Time to reset for states.





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