States was ridiculous

Time for the states weekend recap.  A horror story filled with blood, guts, and glory…. Kind of 😉

We left on Thursday after school.  I decided not to run the 4×800 because I wanted to be completely fresh the next morning for the 3200.  On Friday, our girls’ team ran a great race to get second place in the state, while our boys went crazy and finished third after being seeded seventh or eighth!  They reset their own school record.  Our girls ran two seconds slower than last week (they lost one second by switching fourth legs…so I’m still the fastest slowest leg 😉 ) but there was no way they could ever catch the team in first because that team set a new Virginia state record!

We went to Olive Garden for dinner on Friday night and I took carbo-loading quite seriously with two plates of salad, three bread sticks, and almost the entire plate of spaghetti and meatballs.  I went to bed around 10:45 pm.

Unfortunately, I woke up on Saturday morning and felt like crap.  I was nauseous and dizzy, and after going to the bathroom I realized I was also shaking.  Not like nervous shaking– actual trembling and I couldn’t hold my hand steady.  I just felt really weak.  I made it downstairs for breakfast where I ate my usual pre- morning race breakfast of an English muffin with almond butter and banana. After drinking a crap ton of water, I felt marginally better, but still not 100%.

The three girls who were running the two mile, along with a few boys that very nicely got up early to watch us race, left the hotel around 7:30 and headed to the track.  We warmed up, and unfortunately the sun was blazing.  It wasn’t that hot (probably 75 degrees, which is still warmer than usual) but the SUN was just sucking the energy out of everything.  I felt lethargic and still kind of sick.

I was really excited because I’d made it into the fast heat!  At my first ever open track event at states! There were 25 girls in the 3200, and they drew the line between heats at 11:20.  Remember what my PR is? 11:19.96, so I just barely squeaked in!  I was the very last seed in the fast heat, but surprisingly that made me excited instead of nervous.

Literally only ten minutes before the race, I went to the bathroom and discovered that Mother Nature had tapped me with her magic wand for the first time in five months.  TMI?  Whatever.   Great.  Fucking.  Timing.

The gun went off, the sun was blazing, and the first 200m felt great.  Duh.  When does the first 200 not feel great?


400m into the race. Yay! I love running! This is going to be a fantabulous race!

At 800, I wanted to quit.  I’m not exaggerating.  It felt a lot harder than it should have, and I knew that this would not be a fun race.

We went through the mile in 5:36 or 5:37, which is PR pace for me.  Unfortunately, it felt a million times harder than it should have and I was ready to drop at this point.  To make matters worse, my senior teammate dropped out during the 5th lap, which made me feel half, “I should quit too” but also half “well, one of us has to finish.”  I went with the latter feeling.  The second mile was death, and I knew I had fallen WAY off pace when a coach yelled to another girl who was struggling in front of me, “88! C’mon!”‘


The last three laps were a blur.  When the bell lap rang, I had fallen off so much that my goal was to get under 11:50…aka unbearably slow.  I was so out of it that I tripped over the track rail twice in 200 meters and barely made it across the finish line.  I vaguely remember some girl offering me water and then holding me up when I was actually unable to take the water from her because I was so tired and dead.



Honestly, I’m not angry about my time.  I know that there were several factors that played into it, and I do feel like I gave it my all.  Almost every girl in that race had a mediocre/bad/terrible time, so I’m not alone.  Mine was just MORE terrible than theirs 😉

My junior year of running is officially over!  I am now on a seven-to-ten day break, and then I’m planning on running 20-30 minutes easy for about a week before starting real cross country training.  It’s been a great year, folks.  I have six hundred finals to study for.


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