Nationals, break, and holy crap I’m a senior!!

Yesterday was the last day of school!  I am officially a senior!

I took senior pictures two days ago.  I’m not ready for this!

Starting off… so you know how I said I was taking seven to ten days off and then starting to run again?  Yeah, turns out I wasn’t allowed to do that.  I’m currently on day twelve of a fourteen-day break.  Fourteen days!  Two full weeks!  I don’t think I’ve ever taken more than eight or nine days off.  I’m going a little crazy 😉  My coach keeps reminding me that November 15th (xc states) is very very very far away, so it is important to let my body rest after a full year of abuse with only two off weeks.  “Focus on the long-term goal.”

This time around, I’ve been way more relaxed about the whole “you must not eat bad things and do strength/abs every day” thing.  Remember how draconian my rules were last time around?  I had a whole eating plan and made myself do strenuous ab work and weights and that sort of thing every day.  This time, I didn’t even bother making a “plan” because a) I had way more important things to do (i.e. studying for finals!!) and b) is it really going to be the death of me if I eat chocolate and cake batter froyo with toppings every day and only do abs when I want to? No way Jose.

Anyway! Let’s move on to the Nationals recap.  I didn’t go, obviously, but we sent four girls and four boys.  I watched the New Balance live webcast for literally three days straight… too bad Nationals fell smack dab in the middle of finals or I might’ve studied more and performed better on my finals. 😉  I still did pretty well so it’s okay.  It was a lot of fun to watch in school, though, because not only did my non-running friends get to experience the excitement of races, I raised awareness about our team!

My dog was really excited about the boys' two mile too ;)

Pretending to study for math but really watching the boys’ EE two mile


IB is the bomb swiggity

Our boys’ 4×8 reset their own school record and finished second in the (not championship) 4×800!  Our fastest girl WON the (not championship) mile in 4:53!!  Two days later, she anchored our 4xmile team to an All-American placing with a 4:54 split, which fun fact was the fastest split of the race.  She’s crazy!!  Three of the four girls ran well, but one of them had just gotten back from a camp thing and split about 15 seconds slower than her PR.   (To be honest, if I had been on the relay in her place we could’ve gotten second and maybe first.  But I did need this break.)  Sad.  If they had all run their PRs, they would have been national champions!

My friend and I are cross country captains!  I’m so excited for this season.  Unfortunately, we are losing four of our top eight and our track coach thinks it’s the end of the world. (It kind of is.)  But he didn’t have to make a speech at the sports banquet saying, “This year’s team and seniors were so fantabulously amazing that we will never ‘have this chemistry’ (he actually said that) again and we should basically give up now because there is no way we will ever be this good again.”  Wow.  Thanks.  You have inspired so much confidence in those of us who are not graduating.

It’s so depressing because the last everything have been occurring!  Last sports banquet with the dream team.  Their last high school races.  I will never run another race with them again.  I’ve been running with them for three years; how the heck am I supposed to run without them?? 😦


Last sports banquet with three of these girls 😦

We currently have four varsity level runners on the girls’ side.  Two seniors, one junior, and one sophomore.  This is an issue because you need five to score, and you really need six or seven because no team ever has every single runner have a great race at the same time.  My coach spent twenty minutes strategizing with us captains (wow, so weird to say that even though I knew it would happen), but we still do not have a solution.  The next best runners on our team are 6:30 milers.

Hopefully it will all turn out for the best.  Happy summer!  I need to come up with things to do to keep from being completely bored…I don’t have a summer job…

Oh fun fact: I was going through some old notebooks and discovered that I was an artistic prodigy when I was six. (This is a self-portrait.)


I’m holding valentines in my hands


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