Bucket list and senior pix

My three best friends and I made a “List of things to do before college” bucket list a few months ago, and we’ve been looking forward to being able to check things off this summer!  Our personalities completely come through based on the ideas that we’ve added.  My dancer/health nut friend added things like “Take a yoga or Pilates class together.”  I added things like “Go skydiving!” and “Ski in bathing suits.”


a few things on the list

One thing that was easy to do was have a picnic on the Mall.  On the last day of school we packed an adorable picnic basket (which was actually a pain in the ass to lug around) and Metro-ed into DC.  We had a picnic of watermelon, lemonade, and schmancy sandwiches (tomato/mozzarella/fresh-picked basil or cucumber/brie).


After our picnic, we spontaneously went to some sort of army concert next to the Washington Monument and visited monuments for awhile.  I ended up walking miles in sandals, which was perhaps not the best plan.  My feet are still killing me.


Today was my brother’s last day of school, so I got to revisit my old elementary school.  Holy crap, there’s a lot of kids.  Ten years ago there were maybe forty kids in each grade; now there’s probably 150.

I managed to navigate myself all over the southern part of the county today, and I’m quite proud of myself for doing so… I never go to those places.

Senior pictures sneak peek!  I still don’t feel like a senior.




And another one.  My face frustrates me because I smile really really hard (so hard my face vibrates when I take pictures) and yet I still don’t look like I’m smiling that much.  Even when I make an “ecstatic” face, I only look mildly content.


One more day until I can run.  I can do it.  The last few days have been SO HARD.  T-19 hours until my run!!!!


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