Seven Picture Sunday

1.  My first run in two whole weeks!! I totally, completely, 100% look like an squinty eyed chipmunk is this picture.  Just ignore that.  35 minutes at a moderate (right now, it used to be easy) pace…it was 1-1

2.  YOU’RE SO GOOD AT PARKING.  Some moron parked literally in the middle of the parking lot, so I could not leave.  The sass faucet was turned on full blast when the driver got back and asked, “Oh…are you trying to get out?” to which I replied “Maybe just a little bit. *fake big cheesy smile*”photo 1

3.  Yum.  Quinoa, black beans, tomato, parsley, lime, and salt and 2-1

4.  Black bean brownies!   My mom was extremely skeptical because the first time I made black bean brownies was a disaster, but this time they passed the brother taste test without me revealing the secret ingredient! Score: me, 1, mom, 2

5.  Mom replenished my stock of almond butter packets…too bad I just finished the jar, 3-1

6.  Metro adventures once again.  I went to a baseball game with the same three friends but the Metro decided to stop running or something at 11:30 pm.  I was basically falling asleep on my feet in the middle of the Metro 3

7.  My legs may not be getting too much exercise (rest day again today) but at least my arm muscles look great! I’m trying out new strength routines that don’t require a gym membership. 🙂  Plus a new workout top from Sports Authority!photo 4


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