Shots ‘n’ Starbucks

No, not alcohol shots. 😉

I went to the doctor today for a check-up and to get my physical filled out; I ended up getting two shots and a blood test!! Yayyy.  One of them requires two follow-up shots, and oh, did I mention it’s basically the most painful type of shot you can get??  Fantastic.  I may look innocent and nice, but I curse like a sailor.  When the woman stuck me with the needle for the second shot, I had to remind myself that there were little kids in the adjoining rooms that could probably hear me, so I made do with “Gaaahhh. FRICK. Hooollllyy…crud.” instead of what I actually wanted to say…

Stylin’ Band-Aid.

photo 5

After my shots, I went to get a blood test.  Because of the nature of the shots I’d just gotten and the potential for passing out (if that happened to anybody, it would be me), the nurse made me lie down with my knees up while she took my blood.  What a fun time.  I actually did not pass out, so I was pretty impressed with myself.

Another stylish 4-1

I hope the doctors don’t think it’s weird that I request to step on the scale backwards every time I am there.  I realized it may come off like I have a body image disorder but in reality, I just don’t care how much I weigh.  I care how I feel. 🙂

After chilling with some puking toddlers and whiny brats, I treated myself to a Java Chip frappuccino from the traditional white-girl watering hole.  Don’t mind the Frida Kahlo eyebrows and the sloppy hair and makeup.  Today was a lazy day.

Oh yeah, using straws with my front teeth is not a thing.  Did I mention yesterday was the first anniversary of this pair of dentures?  Because it was.  We have been together for a year ❤

photo 2-2

Dessert was simple and delicious.  Black bean brownie microwaved for five seconds and one of the best peaches I have ever eaten.  Is there anything better than a perfect, cold peach?  I think 3-2


Tomorrow on the agenda is a partially soft surface run, strength circuit workout, relaxing at the pool with Henry IV (hello, English summer assignment), and possibly a trip to GNC for my first ever Quest bar!  I’m jumping on the fitfam train.  Maybe.

Quick rant:  I have to take the SAT again this fall because the first time I took it I didn’t study and therefore my score was good but not awesome, and this is going to cause me to miss the fastest course of the cross country season.  UGH.  The meet was cancelled last year because of flooding on the course, so I haven’t run on it since sophomore year when I didn’t train and was slow.  Sophomore year I ran a 20:28 on it after not training and also falling, and I probably could have run sub-19 on it last year.  Who knows what I can/could have run on it this year?  God I hope I can make the meet.



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