Thursday Things

Quick post before I try to turn in early for the night! (Yeah, that didn’t happen)

Don’t you hate it when you hear a song on the radio, recognize it, but don’t remember the name of it and want to look it up later?  I just spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out what song was stuck in my head before realizing it was “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.  So I decided to watch the music video on YouTube AND IT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! (except puppies doing adorable things because let’s face it, nothing is more adorable than that.)

Seriously.  Watch it.  New favorite song right here.

Anyway, Thursday brought various miscellaneous activities.  I woke up early for practice, and a bunch of my (now former) teammates decided to come!!  It was a partay.  I hadn’t run with them in over a month, so it was a shock to the system and a throwback to more team-oriented days.  My legs felt ten times better than the past few days, which I think was thanks to a) taking my iron at the right time, b) wearing calf sleeves, and c) cooler temperatures.  We ran for 40 minutes down to an island with a bunch of soft surface walking/running paths.  Sprinted back up the hills at 6:45 pace.  Ya know.  The usual.  I yelled at them for running too fast, but now that they’re all old and in college they’re actually supposed to be going sub-7 pace on easy runs.  Whatever, guys.  You do you. (God, I miss them.)

The bro and I hung out at the library before lunch; he read comic books and I did IB Physics notes.  I actually got shit done!  Yeahhhhhh.  Afterwards, we had a spontaneous lunch date at Chipotle, which I hadn’t been to in probably a year.  It was a nice change of pace.

PS: I haven’t seen my other brother in like a week.  Not totally sure where he is.  I think the beach?

photo 2


After a painful Pilates class, I ate 9 pm snacks of brownies and purple oats.  Carbz for dayz.

photo 4


I also read this article, and it kind of astonished me.

photo 5

I hope I am not offending anyone or being discriminatory, but how would you not know you’re obese?  I can understand not realizing you’re a little overweight, but “obese” means that your body fat is so high it’s negatively affecting your health and daily life.  Maybe, since it refers to kids, they’ve just grown up in an environment where it seems normal.

Mary Cain is running at 1 am Eastern time which pisses me off because I will be asleep!  I’ll just have to wait until morning like normal people used to… instant gratification is becoming a problem. 😉

Hope everyone’s Thursday was great!  I’m counting down the days until official practice starts in August because I’m way too flippin’ excited, and I miss my school (although I don’t really miss the school part of school).  I miss being at my school.  At this point, I’m just rambling, so you can stop reading.



Middle of nowhere, log legs, and World Juniors

Well, I’ve returned from the wild exotic depths of…western Maryland!

photo 1-7

To be honest, though, our quick “vacation” was pretty fun.  My youngest brother, mom, and I stayed at my mom’s friend’s cabin, which was about three and a half hours from our house and really nice.  We left on Sunday and stopped for pulled pork sandwiches and enormous ice cream cones at a charming roadside place that was also a fresh fruit market.  After winding our way through “mountain” ranges, accidentally driving miles out of our way, and being asked for a ride to California by some fat old hillbilly, we made it to the cozy-but-large cabin.  The next day, we drove to a large lake and I went for a moderate 45 minute run while my mom and brother went for a quick hike.

photo 1-8

For some reason, my run was disgusting and my legs felt like logs (which is usually a sign that my iron is low, but I don’t think it was).  Even though I was running a normal pace (7:45ish average per mile) and my breathing and cardiovascular system felt normal, my legs were so heavy!  Flashback to last year when I got injured after feeling like that for a few days.  Crap.

Post-run fuel (along with my Larabar)

Post-run fuel (along with my Larabar)

After that, we went paddleboarding, which was pretty fun.  It was my first time, but my ten-year-old brother had already been before; he spent the whole time acting superior which was very funny because he’s only like four feet tall.

photo 4-6

On the way to a waterfall, we encountered a very not-human-shy deer

By the time we got home on Tuesday, it was around 95 degrees, so I decided to aqua jog for 50 minutes instead of suffering through the heat on questionable legs.  None of my friends wanted to be awesome and aqua jog with me, so I ended up being the only non-senior-citizen in the deep end of my school’s pool; I was joined by a mixed dozen of 50-to-80-year-old women having social time as they fluttered around the pool rehabbing their various hip and knee injuries. 😉  I think one of them was a marathoner…respect.


I went to captains’ practice this morning, but everyone else had taken a rest day.  I told myself to take it easy and go no faster than 8:20 min/mile, but I was running alone and am kind of bad at estimating my effort/pace, so I ended up running around 8 min/mile for my 50 minute run.  My legs felt like crap again, which is both worrisome and annoying.  I think it’s a combination of the heat, screwy iron levels, and a slight lack of sleep (as in 7 hours instead of 8-9).  If I don’t feel great again tomorrow, I will make a concerted effort to go slowly, which is what my coach wants me to be doing anyway!  I have a hard time with that, evidently.

Other randomness:

I spent way too long watching World Juniors today (that’s my plan for the next four days, too).  I felt so bad for the Russian racewalking girl who was disqualified after she had already finished!  (I also feel bad for her teammate who was disqualified after 4 km)  She was so upset I almost started crying along with her.  She had gotten second, I might add!  Can you imagine racewalking an entire 10k and finishing second at Worlds and then being disqualified after you had finished?  To make matters worse, I went to her IAAF athlete profile and apparently tomorrow is her birthday.  That freaking SUCKS.

You're my fave, Olga Shargina.  Even though I had no idea who you were until today. Source:

You’re my fave, Olga Shargina. Even though I had no idea who you were until today.

The girl who won (and set a world junior record) is a boss, though.  She’s a cyclist and a racewalker and a steeplechaser.  What??  And apparently yesterday was her birthday.  What’s up with these birthdays??

On a more lighthearted note:

photo 4-5

Starbucks while watching World Juniors

Ridiculously photogenic lunch...BLT, sugar snap peas, plum, OJ

Ridiculously photogenic lunch…BLT on protein bread, sugar snap peas, plum, OJ

I don’t know how I will deal if I’m ever a stay-at-home mom because I’ve kind of played that part a lot this summer (because my mom works long hours sometimes), and I can’t STAND it (especially today).  I have a very low tolerance for messiness and mess-blindness and addiction to the television.  It’s also true what they say that you somehow expend all your time and energy and it seems like nothing even gets done.  Especially because even though my brother is ten, he needs constant supervision and direction and will never do anything unless he’s explicitly told to at least three times for each task.  “Eat breakfast.  Okay, now put your plate in the dishwasher.  Okay, now throw away your yogurt container.  Now put your spoon in the dishwasher.  Now go brush your teeth.  Go brush your teeth.  TURN OFF THE TV AND GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH.”  Shouldn’t he know to do this stuff on his own by now???  He’s like a three-year-old!

Enough of my ranting.  I actually need to catch up on sleep.  Good night!

Good eats and average runs

Every summer, I promise myself, “I will be productive and awesome and go on adventures this summer.”  Every summer, it fails. 😉  I actually did a fair amount of “adventurous” stuff for the first three-ish weeks of this summer, but that has petered off, and I’ve barely done anything eventful all week.  Typical.  I’m leaving for some cabin in the middle of nowhere soon for a few days, so that will be a (hopefully nice) change of scenery.  Apparently, it is at altitude, so running will probably feel harder.

Trivia question of the day:  Where do you find altitude/real mountains in the DMV?  (I’ll give you a hint- nowhere.)

I’m almost finished with my fourth week of base building.  The past few weeks of training have been solid but uneventful; I had two 180-minute weeks in a row, then a 200-minute week.  I’ve taken two off days (as in no running) every week because (1) it was the first week back, (2) NYC, and (3) firefighting camp.  This week also includes five running days and two off days for a total of 215-220 minutes plus about 150 minutes of cross training.  Throw in some strength work and abs every couple days and there we go.

Finally some abs (they disappear when I don't flex, though) ;)

Finally some visible abs! (flexing really hard though…)

Week 4:

  • Sunday:  Laps at the pool after returning from fire camp
  • Monday: 40 minutes moderate, abs, push-ups.
  • Tuesday: 11-minute warm-up, 23 minutes tempo (it was supposed to be 25 but I physically and mentally could not do the last two uphill minutes), 10-20 minute walk/jog/die cool down.
  • Wednesday: Strength work at the gym + abs
  • Thursday: 45 minutes running + 40 minutes aqua jogging + abs
  • Friday: 45 minutes running, abs
  • Saturday (planned): 40 minutes running + strength work at the gym
  • Sunday (planned): off

I bought a monthly subscription to Flotrack so that I could waste even more time with running-related features like the whole “Driven” series.  Cam Levins used to run 190 miles a week?????  Three runs per day!? That is approximately 6.3 times my weekly mileage.  It takes me a month and a half to run that many miles… We’re a very low mileage program, but still.  Wow.

Some favorite foods and a picture of the pathetic creature that is my dog:

photo 2-5

Waffles, chocolate chips, and peaches ❤

photo 5-3

Perfect salad


The best can't go wrong with salmon

The best dinner…you can’t go wrong with salmon


I've eaten the same thing for lunch every day for the past two weeks........

I’ve eaten the same thing for lunch every day for the past two weeks……..Don’t worry, this isn’t my whole lunch.

photo 3-4

If you don’t go crazy with the toppings when you get froyo, you’re doing it wrong 😉

I tried to start my summer assignments this week but it's kind of hard when you have this in your lap

I tried to start my summer assignments this week but it’s kind of hard to read Henry IV when you have this in your lap

Oh and here is a selfie because my hair looks really good and a little narcissism is okay ;)

Oh and here is a selfie because my hair looks really good and a little narcissism is okay 😉

In other news, I went to my friends’ combined spontaneous belated birthday party last night and was a little shell-shocked because of so much social interaction.  It didn’t help that half the people there were the hardcore party-every-weekend type that I never talk to and don’t have anything in common with.  Three pieces of cake at 11:30 pm capped quite the “outside-my-comfort-zone” night.  I got through it, though.  Three cheers for introversion!

Time to go plan my strength work session for tomorrow morning.  I never do this and usually rely on my dad to tell me what to do (which annoys him to no end).  Oh, well, you have to be independent sometimes.


Why I haven’t posted lately: Girls’ Fire Camp

*Warning:  There may be more curse words than usual in this post* 🙂

Last weekend, I attended a girls’ firefighting camp organized by the county.  A few months ago, my mom decided she didn’t like my summer plans of running, eating, summer assignments, and social media, so she forced encouraged me to apply to this camp.

Did I enjoy this three-day camp?  Hell to the no.  Some parts were informative and bearable, but the majority was a pain in the ass.

First of all, the camp was for girls ages 13 to 18, but it was definitely geared toward 13-year-olds.  There were no 18-year-olds, and the only 17-year-old there besides me was bitchy, superior, disgusting, obese, and kind of psycho… so I tried to avoid her.  Over half the participants were rising 8th and 9th graders; I haven’t been around that many girls that age for years, so I forgot about the maturity levels (or lack thereof).  Needless to say, it was a loooooong weekend.

Friday/Day 1: 5 am wake-up to get my run in, then headed to the fire station.

photo 2-4

5 am run

After a welcome speech, it was off to the fire training academy where we had physical training (PT), fire history/fire behavior class, and a live fire demo.

  • PT was a complete joke, but everyone acted like it was impossible, so naturally all the firefighters treated us like it was impossible.  I didn’t want to seem like a snobby fitness beeyotch, so whenever anyone asked, “Wow, PT was really hard, right? Oh my god I hate stairs!  Those push-ups had me dying!!”  I squashed my eye rolls and smiled and said, “Yeah, so challenging!” with only the slightest hint of sarcasm 😉
  • Fire history and behavior class was ridiculously boring, and I fell asleep.
  • Lunch was boring but luckily not all that unhealthy.  Hummus wraps and lunch meat turkey wraps
  • The fire demo was pretty interesting and quite hot
  • The dorm rules were draconian and unnecessary for anyone over the age of 13.

Saturday/Day 2: 7:15 wake-up by our “mentor” who did not mentor us in any way, shape, or form

  • Breakfast was !?!?!?!? unbelievable.  Not in a positive way.  I was so damn lucky I brought my own almond butter and stole “wheat” bread from the university dining hall because the breakfast choices were gigantic Costco muffins and “protein” aka candy bars.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more than half a Costco muffin by myself and there were (overweight) girls eating three whole muffins.  By themselves.  For breakfast.  There are over 600 calories in a single muffin!! I stuck to my two slices of bread and almond butter and snagged a banana at PT.
  • PT was a joke again.
Uniforms: navy blue work pants and gigantic black boots

Uniforms: navy blue work pants and gigantic heavy black boots

  • CPR training was one of the highlights of this camp.  It took about four hours in total.
  • Lunch: greasy chicken wings and potato salad 😦
  • Dinner was fun, actually.  Groups of eight girls went to three different fire stations and toured, learned about fire station life, climbed the aerial ladder,  cooked dinner and talked with the crew.  The best part, besides the two gigantic burgers and huge brownie/ice cream combo that I devoured, was meeting and talking to the hottest firefighter I’ve ever met.  Damn 😉 In his twenties, he was quite hospitable and dealt with all the googoo-eyed 13-year-olds who obviously thought he was “cute.”  I’d like to think I was more mature…  In the middle of dinner some of the firefighters had to leave to go help an elderly choke victim who’d had a little too much pork chop.  Fun fun fun.

Sunday/final day: Our mentor decided we had been “too slow” the previous morning (even though we’d been downstairs and ready to go HALF AN HOUR BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE) so she woke us up at 6:45 while everyone else got up at 7:30.  Because that makes sense.

  • PT involved climbing seventeen flights of stairs at a hotel, twice, with the option of going a third time.  I didn’t go a third time because who the hell wants to climb more stairs than they have to and get even sweatier and more dehydrated?  Of course, some 13-year-old who was jealous of my track prowess because she was also a “star runner” (a sprinter who had “all the records at her school”) kept yelling shit like, “How many times did you go up?  climbed THREE times and one of the times I was wearing firefighting gear.”tumblr_ma94ktWBlL1qlpkpu
  • Fire hose soccer: trying to get a medicine ball to go in the “goal” by spraying it with fire hoses.  Unnecessary and it soaked my running shoes, which I was NOT happy about.

    I almost look like I'm having fun.  PT outfits were strategically designed to make absolutely no one look good

    I look like a little girl.  PT outfits were strategically designed to make absolutely no one look good.

  • Fire extinguisher practice
  • Lunch was fine food-wise, but we ate at the university dining hall, and I got made fun of for eating healthy foods instead of stuffing my face with pizza and bacon and cheesy potatoes.  I am not even kidding.
  • “Graduation” was stupid, and my family didn’t even show up because my mom is deaf hard of hearing and misheard the directions during the welcome speech on Friday.  So I trudged out to the street alone with my bags and waited to be picked up.

All in all, fire camp basically sucked.  The free gear was pretty nice, though; I got to keep a gigantic duffel bag, jumpsuit (what am I supposed to do with that?), two T-shirts, a baseball cap, gloves, and safety glasses.

The next post will be a training recap!!  Aka the stuff I actually like to talk about.


PMS aka chocolate monster syndrome

Just a bit of TMI coming…

It’s official!  I definitely have a cycle again.  I didn’t have my period for five months (January to June), during which I simultaneously enjoyed being period-free but also started to get really worried.  I’m not stupid.  I know about osteoporosis and all that, and I know I’m not invincible.

It was really nice not to have my period and deal with cramps and PMS, but on the other hand, it meant that my hormones were screwed up and my body fat was too low and my bones were in danger of breaking down.  I’ve never restricted calories, and I don’t think I had lost any weight, but clearly something was wrong.  I finally got it again last month at the WORST possible time (ten minutes before my race at states), but there was still the possibility that it was just a fluke and would go away again.


That time I got my period after five months and subsequently had one of the worst races of my life ❤

A few days ago, though, I noticed I was having huge cravings for anything dessert-related.  Up until last year, I used to give into my everyday sugar cravings because I had no self-control or knowledge of nutrition, but these days the cravings have all but disappeared, and it’s easy to pass up the ice cream and brownies and cake.  That’s how I knew something was up!  Over the past three or four days, I’ve indulged in blueberry crumbles, blueberry pies, cupcakes, way too much vanilla ice cream, Java Chip frappuccinos, and fruit.  No guilt.  Finally, yesterday, I got my period!  So it’s officially back!  June wasn’t a freak occurrence.  My body fat and hormone levels are (hopefully) normal enough again!   *Celebratory dance*

Unfortunately, that means I have to deal with being stuck with it now. 😉

PMS is definitely real.  All I want right now is chocolate, ice cream, and chocolate ice cream.  Starbucks has curbed my cravings…for now…

Java Chip ilysm

Java Chip ilysm

Why do we crave sugar and especially chocolate when we are PMSing?  I found some interesting information.

“Cravings for sweet foods are common before and during a period, and some women also crave high-carbohydrate foods like pasta, white rice and white bread. These cravings are often a sign of low blood sugar, especially if they are accompanied by feelings of fatigue and headaches. Some women’s bodies become more responsive to insulin during their monthly cycle, making them more prone to blood sugar drops. The brain instigates a sugar craving in response to the need for more fuel.”

Chocolate also mimics serotonin levels and quickly releases endorphins which is basically why we love it so much. 😉  Also because it tastes like heaven in your mouth, of course.


BUT they also say that you should fulfill your sugar cravings through healthy means like yogurt and fruit and AVOID chocolate on your period because the caffeine can make you crabbier! That’s hilarious.

Time to go laugh in the face of whatever article thinks I should avoid chocolate.  Maybe I should eat chocolate for dinner…that actually sounds like a brilliant idea!  It’s dark so the antioxidants prevent cancer…that’s good enough for me!!

…Aaand I’m out.


New York City and IB scores

I went to NYC with two of my best friends yesterday!  One of them had been staying there for two weeks for a ballet intensive, so we met up with her on her last day there.  Now we can check another item off our bucket list! (Road trip)

photo 1-3

photo 2-3


I would move to New York just for Central Park.  Not really, but it was amazing.  Why can’t there be something like that where I live??photo 3-1


I’m not a huge fan of crowds, but Times Square was still interesting.  There were more naked people than I was expecting… it seems like the Naked Cowboy has inspired a following.  I saw at least 4-1


Overpriced ($3 for 3 bite size cupcakes!) but delicious.  I would also move to New York just for the 5-1

We grabbed dinner at Fresh&co which seems like it was founded for me.   We walked in and kale.  Kale EVERYWHERE.  And also quinoa, and overpriced Greek yogurt.   I got the burrito bowl with added chicken, which does not resemble a burrito bowl in any respect except for the (patriotic) tortilla strips.  It also had kale, quinoa, tomatoes, scallions, corn, beans, and cilantro.  Delish.  Too bad I forgot to buy dessert, meaning that I was hungry again by 8 pm.  We didn’t get home until 11, at which point I devoured a huge bowl of yogurt with blueberries.

We ended up walking close to six miles total yesterday.  I skipped my 35 minute run because I was in New York all day, and I don’t think I’m running today, either.  I feel a little guilty, but I went to Pilates this morning and absolutely murdered my poor hip flexors (which is awesome because they are what I need to work on!).  Coupled with the walking yesterday, I think it’s okay that I didn’t run this weekend.  My mileage is still pretty good for where we are in the season- low, but consistent.  Since I’m still at the beginning of base building, I wanted to be around 27 miles this week, and I think I’m around 23, which is the same as last week.  Next week was supposed to be 29 or 30ish, but it’ll probably end up being 27 because I’m skipping another run due to firefighting camp!  I’ll make my other runs a teeny bit longer than usual.  I think it’ll end up so that my July training will peak at 35 for only one week, not the two that I was aiming for.  That’s okay, though.

The IB Economics scores were released today, but I’m just a little terrified to check.  What if I failed?? I (probably) didn’t, but what if I did?? Ahhh.

Bad news: my cross country co-captain and best friend has a mild stress fracture! 😦 This SUCKS.  It really sucks for her, but it also sucks for me because now I don’t have a running buddy for awhile. (Our other fast girls are on vacation.)  I’m so selfish 😉



Body image and blueberry crumble

Does anyone else go through intensely fluctuating body image?  Mine can go from “wow my stomach is a load of lard” to “I’m so skinny and toned and beautiful!” in half a second.  I ate dinner before going to swim laps at the pool, and I felt disgusting in my bathing suit.  But after swimming, I felt great and pretty and had no problem eating a whole ‘nother dinner plus blueberry crumble and vanilla ice cream for dessert!

The funny thing is, I don’t think I’m imagining it…my stomach really does stick out one minute and look awesome and flat as a pancake the next minute.  Why does that happen?  I have no idea.

Aside from typical teenage angst…

Blueberry crumble cobbler with vanilla ice cream is heaven in a dish.  This is my new favorite summer food (I take my food very seriously so that is a huge compliment).  I used fresh blueberries that I picked on Sunday!

photo 1-2

My run today was difficult to say the least; not only did I run with the fastest guy on the team, (he nicely went slowly in order to not leave me behind) it was six thousand degrees and at least 75% humidity, and it was uphill the entire way back.  The problem with holding captains’ runs where we hold them is that all the good runs are steep downhills on the way out and steep uphills on the way back.

I have a dilemma.  One of the freshmen is very very fast, but he’s been immensely overtraining and doesn’t believe that he’ll get injured because he hasn’t been injured yet.   We’ve been having the same conversation for the past few days: “You need to turn around now.”  “I’ll just run for 40.”  “But you haven’t done high school running before and I don’t want you to burn yourself out.”  “I’ve been running 7 and a half miles every day for the past three weeks!”  “What!  Don’t do that!  Overtraining is the worst thing you can do because you’ll get injured really fast, which is why you need to turn around even though you feel like you can run more.”  “But I haven’t been injured so I’ll just keep running with you guys.”


In addition to running, swimming laps, eating ice cream, and baking a blueberry crumble, I painted my nails and watched “Grease” today.  My life is so hard 😉

photo 2-2On the agenda for tomorrow is a run (of course) and core, along with my court date to get my official license!