Body image and blueberry crumble

Does anyone else go through intensely fluctuating body image?  Mine can go from “wow my stomach is a load of lard” to “I’m so skinny and toned and beautiful!” in half a second.  I ate dinner before going to swim laps at the pool, and I felt disgusting in my bathing suit.  But after swimming, I felt great and pretty and had no problem eating a whole ‘nother dinner plus blueberry crumble and vanilla ice cream for dessert!

The funny thing is, I don’t think I’m imagining it…my stomach really does stick out one minute and look awesome and flat as a pancake the next minute.  Why does that happen?  I have no idea.

Aside from typical teenage angst…

Blueberry crumble cobbler with vanilla ice cream is heaven in a dish.  This is my new favorite summer food (I take my food very seriously so that is a huge compliment).  I used fresh blueberries that I picked on Sunday!

photo 1-2

My run today was difficult to say the least; not only did I run with the fastest guy on the team, (he nicely went slowly in order to not leave me behind) it was six thousand degrees and at least 75% humidity, and it was uphill the entire way back.  The problem with holding captains’ runs where we hold them is that all the good runs are steep downhills on the way out and steep uphills on the way back.

I have a dilemma.  One of the freshmen is very very fast, but he’s been immensely overtraining and doesn’t believe that he’ll get injured because he hasn’t been injured yet.   We’ve been having the same conversation for the past few days: “You need to turn around now.”  “I’ll just run for 40.”  “But you haven’t done high school running before and I don’t want you to burn yourself out.”  “I’ve been running 7 and a half miles every day for the past three weeks!”  “What!  Don’t do that!  Overtraining is the worst thing you can do because you’ll get injured really fast, which is why you need to turn around even though you feel like you can run more.”  “But I haven’t been injured so I’ll just keep running with you guys.”


In addition to running, swimming laps, eating ice cream, and baking a blueberry crumble, I painted my nails and watched “Grease” today.  My life is so hard 😉

photo 2-2On the agenda for tomorrow is a run (of course) and core, along with my court date to get my official license!



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