New York City and IB scores

I went to NYC with two of my best friends yesterday!  One of them had been staying there for two weeks for a ballet intensive, so we met up with her on her last day there.  Now we can check another item off our bucket list! (Road trip)

photo 1-3

photo 2-3


I would move to New York just for Central Park.  Not really, but it was amazing.  Why can’t there be something like that where I live??photo 3-1


I’m not a huge fan of crowds, but Times Square was still interesting.  There were more naked people than I was expecting… it seems like the Naked Cowboy has inspired a following.  I saw at least 4-1


Overpriced ($3 for 3 bite size cupcakes!) but delicious.  I would also move to New York just for the 5-1

We grabbed dinner at Fresh&co which seems like it was founded for me.   We walked in and kale.  Kale EVERYWHERE.  And also quinoa, and overpriced Greek yogurt.   I got the burrito bowl with added chicken, which does not resemble a burrito bowl in any respect except for the (patriotic) tortilla strips.  It also had kale, quinoa, tomatoes, scallions, corn, beans, and cilantro.  Delish.  Too bad I forgot to buy dessert, meaning that I was hungry again by 8 pm.  We didn’t get home until 11, at which point I devoured a huge bowl of yogurt with blueberries.

We ended up walking close to six miles total yesterday.  I skipped my 35 minute run because I was in New York all day, and I don’t think I’m running today, either.  I feel a little guilty, but I went to Pilates this morning and absolutely murdered my poor hip flexors (which is awesome because they are what I need to work on!).  Coupled with the walking yesterday, I think it’s okay that I didn’t run this weekend.  My mileage is still pretty good for where we are in the season- low, but consistent.  Since I’m still at the beginning of base building, I wanted to be around 27 miles this week, and I think I’m around 23, which is the same as last week.  Next week was supposed to be 29 or 30ish, but it’ll probably end up being 27 because I’m skipping another run due to firefighting camp!  I’ll make my other runs a teeny bit longer than usual.  I think it’ll end up so that my July training will peak at 35 for only one week, not the two that I was aiming for.  That’s okay, though.

The IB Economics scores were released today, but I’m just a little terrified to check.  What if I failed?? I (probably) didn’t, but what if I did?? Ahhh.

Bad news: my cross country co-captain and best friend has a mild stress fracture! 😦 This SUCKS.  It really sucks for her, but it also sucks for me because now I don’t have a running buddy for awhile. (Our other fast girls are on vacation.)  I’m so selfish 😉




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