PMS aka chocolate monster syndrome

Just a bit of TMI coming…

It’s official!  I definitely have a cycle again.  I didn’t have my period for five months (January to June), during which I simultaneously enjoyed being period-free but also started to get really worried.  I’m not stupid.  I know about osteoporosis and all that, and I know I’m not invincible.

It was really nice not to have my period and deal with cramps and PMS, but on the other hand, it meant that my hormones were screwed up and my body fat was too low and my bones were in danger of breaking down.  I’ve never restricted calories, and I don’t think I had lost any weight, but clearly something was wrong.  I finally got it again last month at the WORST possible time (ten minutes before my race at states), but there was still the possibility that it was just a fluke and would go away again.


That time I got my period after five months and subsequently had one of the worst races of my life ❤

A few days ago, though, I noticed I was having huge cravings for anything dessert-related.  Up until last year, I used to give into my everyday sugar cravings because I had no self-control or knowledge of nutrition, but these days the cravings have all but disappeared, and it’s easy to pass up the ice cream and brownies and cake.  That’s how I knew something was up!  Over the past three or four days, I’ve indulged in blueberry crumbles, blueberry pies, cupcakes, way too much vanilla ice cream, Java Chip frappuccinos, and fruit.  No guilt.  Finally, yesterday, I got my period!  So it’s officially back!  June wasn’t a freak occurrence.  My body fat and hormone levels are (hopefully) normal enough again!   *Celebratory dance*

Unfortunately, that means I have to deal with being stuck with it now. 😉

PMS is definitely real.  All I want right now is chocolate, ice cream, and chocolate ice cream.  Starbucks has curbed my cravings…for now…

Java Chip ilysm

Java Chip ilysm

Why do we crave sugar and especially chocolate when we are PMSing?  I found some interesting information.

“Cravings for sweet foods are common before and during a period, and some women also crave high-carbohydrate foods like pasta, white rice and white bread. These cravings are often a sign of low blood sugar, especially if they are accompanied by feelings of fatigue and headaches. Some women’s bodies become more responsive to insulin during their monthly cycle, making them more prone to blood sugar drops. The brain instigates a sugar craving in response to the need for more fuel.”

Chocolate also mimics serotonin levels and quickly releases endorphins which is basically why we love it so much. 😉  Also because it tastes like heaven in your mouth, of course.


BUT they also say that you should fulfill your sugar cravings through healthy means like yogurt and fruit and AVOID chocolate on your period because the caffeine can make you crabbier! That’s hilarious.

Time to go laugh in the face of whatever article thinks I should avoid chocolate.  Maybe I should eat chocolate for dinner…that actually sounds like a brilliant idea!  It’s dark so the antioxidants prevent cancer…that’s good enough for me!!

…Aaand I’m out.



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