Middle of nowhere, log legs, and World Juniors

Well, I’ve returned from the wild exotic depths of…western Maryland!

photo 1-7

To be honest, though, our quick “vacation” was pretty fun.  My youngest brother, mom, and I stayed at my mom’s friend’s cabin, which was about three and a half hours from our house and really nice.  We left on Sunday and stopped for pulled pork sandwiches and enormous ice cream cones at a charming roadside place that was also a fresh fruit market.  After winding our way through “mountain” ranges, accidentally driving miles out of our way, and being asked for a ride to California by some fat old hillbilly, we made it to the cozy-but-large cabin.  The next day, we drove to a large lake and I went for a moderate 45 minute run while my mom and brother went for a quick hike.

photo 1-8

For some reason, my run was disgusting and my legs felt like logs (which is usually a sign that my iron is low, but I don’t think it was).  Even though I was running a normal pace (7:45ish average per mile) and my breathing and cardiovascular system felt normal, my legs were so heavy!  Flashback to last year when I got injured after feeling like that for a few days.  Crap.

Post-run fuel (along with my Larabar)

Post-run fuel (along with my Larabar)

After that, we went paddleboarding, which was pretty fun.  It was my first time, but my ten-year-old brother had already been before; he spent the whole time acting superior which was very funny because he’s only like four feet tall.

photo 4-6

On the way to a waterfall, we encountered a very not-human-shy deer

By the time we got home on Tuesday, it was around 95 degrees, so I decided to aqua jog for 50 minutes instead of suffering through the heat on questionable legs.  None of my friends wanted to be awesome and aqua jog with me, so I ended up being the only non-senior-citizen in the deep end of my school’s pool; I was joined by a mixed dozen of 50-to-80-year-old women having social time as they fluttered around the pool rehabbing their various hip and knee injuries. 😉  I think one of them was a marathoner…respect.


I went to captains’ practice this morning, but everyone else had taken a rest day.  I told myself to take it easy and go no faster than 8:20 min/mile, but I was running alone and am kind of bad at estimating my effort/pace, so I ended up running around 8 min/mile for my 50 minute run.  My legs felt like crap again, which is both worrisome and annoying.  I think it’s a combination of the heat, screwy iron levels, and a slight lack of sleep (as in 7 hours instead of 8-9).  If I don’t feel great again tomorrow, I will make a concerted effort to go slowly, which is what my coach wants me to be doing anyway!  I have a hard time with that, evidently.

Other randomness:

I spent way too long watching World Juniors today (that’s my plan for the next four days, too).  I felt so bad for the Russian racewalking girl who was disqualified after she had already finished!  (I also feel bad for her teammate who was disqualified after 4 km)  She was so upset I almost started crying along with her.  She had gotten second, I might add!  Can you imagine racewalking an entire 10k and finishing second at Worlds and then being disqualified after you had finished?  To make matters worse, I went to her IAAF athlete profile and apparently tomorrow is her birthday.  That freaking SUCKS.

You're my fave, Olga Shargina.  Even though I had no idea who you were until today. Source: http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/report-women-10000m-race-walk-oregon-2014

You’re my fave, Olga Shargina. Even though I had no idea who you were until today.
Source: http://www.iaaf.org/news/report/report-women-10000m-race-walk-oregon-2014

The girl who won (and set a world junior record) is a boss, though.  She’s a cyclist and a racewalker and a steeplechaser.  What??  And apparently yesterday was her birthday.  What’s up with these birthdays??

On a more lighthearted note:

photo 4-5

Starbucks while watching World Juniors

Ridiculously photogenic lunch...BLT, sugar snap peas, plum, OJ

Ridiculously photogenic lunch…BLT on protein bread, sugar snap peas, plum, OJ

I don’t know how I will deal if I’m ever a stay-at-home mom because I’ve kind of played that part a lot this summer (because my mom works long hours sometimes), and I can’t STAND it (especially today).  I have a very low tolerance for messiness and mess-blindness and addiction to the television.  It’s also true what they say that you somehow expend all your time and energy and it seems like nothing even gets done.  Especially because even though my brother is ten, he needs constant supervision and direction and will never do anything unless he’s explicitly told to at least three times for each task.  “Eat breakfast.  Okay, now put your plate in the dishwasher.  Okay, now throw away your yogurt container.  Now put your spoon in the dishwasher.  Now go brush your teeth.  Go brush your teeth.  TURN OFF THE TV AND GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH.”  Shouldn’t he know to do this stuff on his own by now???  He’s like a three-year-old!

Enough of my ranting.  I actually need to catch up on sleep.  Good night!


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