Thursday Things

Quick post before I try to turn in early for the night! (Yeah, that didn’t happen)

Don’t you hate it when you hear a song on the radio, recognize it, but don’t remember the name of it and want to look it up later?  I just spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out what song was stuck in my head before realizing it was “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles.  So I decided to watch the music video on YouTube AND IT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! (except puppies doing adorable things because let’s face it, nothing is more adorable than that.)

Seriously.  Watch it.  New favorite song right here.

Anyway, Thursday brought various miscellaneous activities.  I woke up early for practice, and a bunch of my (now former) teammates decided to come!!  It was a partay.  I hadn’t run with them in over a month, so it was a shock to the system and a throwback to more team-oriented days.  My legs felt ten times better than the past few days, which I think was thanks to a) taking my iron at the right time, b) wearing calf sleeves, and c) cooler temperatures.  We ran for 40 minutes down to an island with a bunch of soft surface walking/running paths.  Sprinted back up the hills at 6:45 pace.  Ya know.  The usual.  I yelled at them for running too fast, but now that they’re all old and in college they’re actually supposed to be going sub-7 pace on easy runs.  Whatever, guys.  You do you. (God, I miss them.)

The bro and I hung out at the library before lunch; he read comic books and I did IB Physics notes.  I actually got shit done!  Yeahhhhhh.  Afterwards, we had a spontaneous lunch date at Chipotle, which I hadn’t been to in probably a year.  It was a nice change of pace.

PS: I haven’t seen my other brother in like a week.  Not totally sure where he is.  I think the beach?

photo 2


After a painful Pilates class, I ate 9 pm snacks of brownies and purple oats.  Carbz for dayz.

photo 4


I also read this article, and it kind of astonished me.

photo 5

I hope I am not offending anyone or being discriminatory, but how would you not know you’re obese?  I can understand not realizing you’re a little overweight, but “obese” means that your body fat is so high it’s negatively affecting your health and daily life.  Maybe, since it refers to kids, they’ve just grown up in an environment where it seems normal.

Mary Cain is running at 1 am Eastern time which pisses me off because I will be asleep!  I’ll just have to wait until morning like normal people used to… instant gratification is becoming a problem. 😉

Hope everyone’s Thursday was great!  I’m counting down the days until official practice starts in August because I’m way too flippin’ excited, and I miss my school (although I don’t really miss the school part of school).  I miss being at my school.  At this point, I’m just rambling, so you can stop reading.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • There are actually a fair amount of runners on WordPress! You’re so lucky with the time zone thing; the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check on her race. I agree, it was incredible!

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