Happy blogiversary! (and some other things)

Happy anniversary to my blog!  I knew it was coming up, but I didn’t know it was today until WordPress kindly informed me of the fact.  Wow!  I can’t believe I’ve had a blog for a year.  I’ve come a long way, too.

I’m not going to do the recap of stats thing or whatever it is people do on their blogiversary because who cares?  I have more important things to talk about.

Official practice started last Wednesday!  It’s weird without the seniors (I guess they’re alumni now…), so it will take some getting used to.  I actually feel like a captain now.

Last week was my highest mileage– EVER.  My body is definitely feeling the increase in running; I’ve been taking naps every day, eating a ton, and my legs/feet are sore as can be!  It’s great but also overwhelming.

What my week has looked like:

  • Monday: 58 minutes + abs
  • Tuesday: 48 minutes + pool + arms
  • Wednesday (first day of practice): 45 minutes + abs/push-ups
  • Thursday: 45 minutes
  • Friday: 10 min warm-up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cool down + abs
  • Saturday: 70 minutes + abs

My mileage total was approximately 40 miles, which is more than I have ever run in my life.  By the end of the long run on Saturday, my legs and feet were screaming, “No more!!” but a recovery day has done them good.

I went to the county fair last night, which I suppose also did my body good, right? 😉 Nothing quite like eating yourself sick on deep-fried cookie dough and funnel cake and then shaking your brains and guts all over the place on The Zipper.  It was fantastic. Also, I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in ages!

photo 4-2photo 1-3

I have exciting news!!  I won’t go into a ton of detail because I tend to leave out personal information (address, etc.), but I was chosen by a panel of area coaches as one of the top cross country prospects in the tri-state area going into this cross country season!  There is a press conference type deal next week where they announce everyone who was chosen, and the best part is, we get free limited-edition spikes! 🙂

I also have really disgusting news.  I was bitten by mosquitos three times in the same place on my ankle three days ago, and at first it was normal and itchy.  Two days ago, it swelled to the size of a baseball, and the skin became unbearably hot and stretched tight.  It’s probably  an allergic reaction, but I’ve never had one before!  And it’s in the most inconvenient spot, as I can no longer bend my ankle and my entire foot is also swollen.  That means no running.  I’m not injured!!  This is so annoying.  I’ll spare you the pictures because it is really quite disgusting– discolored (red and white), stretched super tight, swollen, and blistered.  Yuck.  Why did this happen because of a mosquito bite??

Anyway, I’ve been icing it like there’s no tomorrow and popping ibuprofen and Benadryl like a pro, so hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow or soon.  I feel really gross because I’ve been eating so much junk and haven’t done abs or push-ups in about five days, so time to hop back on that train.

It’s a new week! (and blog-year!)


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