I’m going to talk about some changes I’ve unconsciously implemented into my fitness/food/whatever routine, along with what I’ve been up to lately besides killing myself on hill workouts.


I haven’t lifted weights in over a month.  I also haven’t gone to Pilates in three weeks.

Whaaat?  Who am I?  What happened to the “I’m going to weight lift like three times a week” gung ho girl from the beginning of the summer?

There are multiple reasons for my traitorous departure from weight lifting.  Honestly, I haven’t wanted to!  The gym has been closed for two or three weeks because of the county fair, and for a couple weeks before that I was feeling “eh” about weight lifting.  I’ll probably either go to Pilates or weight lifting on Saturday.

I think another reason I scaled back on lifting and strengthening is because we have really ramped up the mileage.  I took an extra day off last week because of my nasty mosquito heel but still ran around 33 or 34 miles over five days, meaning I would’ve hit 40 again if I had run six days.  I talked to my coach, and he said he was planning on having us stay at 40-50 miles until the middle of September!  We literally never ran more than 35 miles last year.  I’m not complaining, though.  More miles = more food!

I’ve also been doing core fewer times per week, but when I do work abs, I do a longer routine.  In my personal opinion, it is better for my abs and my brain to do, say, 10-15 minutes of abs 3-4 times per week than 5 minutes of abs 6 days a week.

Daily life:

Holy gorgeousness

Holy gorgeousness

photo 4

Of course this happened. Donate to ALS!!

photo 2-4

Randomest lunch: BLT on sandwich thin, orange tomatoes, kale, bok choy, sweet potato, and pumpkin bread.  What.

Randomest lunch: BLT, orange tomatoes, kale, bok choy, sweet potato, and pumpkin bread.  I have a strange palate.

The ceremony thing that I mentioned a few posts ago was yesterday, but I’m not going to post any pictures because that will make it easier for my friends to find this blog and it is so much fun watching them try.  I don’t care if they find it, but the struggle of finding it is hilarious.  One time, one of them went to the seventeenth page of Google.  It was great.

Also, sharing too much personal information on the interwebz is idiotic.  FYI.


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