Tough week

This is going to be a quick post because I just need to get things off my chest.

I’ve had a really tough week of training.  Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs were awful, and I felt like crap the whole time.  On Wednesday, we had a mile time trial followed by 8×400.  I ran 5:40 for the time trial (fine with that, didn’t care about time) and between 80 and 85 for the 400s.  They were really hard after the mile, but I didn’t feel abnormally bad.  Thursday was supposed to be easy, but our coach sent us for 50 minutes on the hilliest road in the county, so that was hard.  I felt okay.  This morning was a hill workout (6xlong hill, same as last week), but I only did 2.5 before I quit.  It just didn’t feel good, and I knew it wasn’t worth suffering through the rest of it and risking injury or illness.  I think my coaches understood that I was having issues because they didn’t really scold me.

Running just hasn’t been fun this week.  My body has been dragging, I need new shoes, and I’m not enjoying the process.  I haven’t had any motivation to cross train or strength train.  These are signs of burnout.

I also haven’t been hungry all week and therefore haven’t been eating enough.  Also, I’m incredibly stressed right now because of the sheer amount of work I have to do for IB and college apps, which I think is contributing to my lack of mental running strength.

This weekend and upcoming week, I will focus on putting lots of good, wholesome food into my body, getting lots of rest, not overdoing my long run, and getting summer assignment work done.  I will try to make sure that I get all the essential micronutrients; my coach is having me keep a food log next week to make sure I am fueling myself properly.

Maybe I’ll even treat myself to a new pair of spandex to motivate me to enjoy running 😉

My coach gave me some really good advice when I told her I was in a funk: “See yourself how others see you.”  My teammates look up to me and see me as a leader and someone to imitate in terms of work ethic, and I need to remember that I am pretty damn inspirational and good at being a leader.  Also, think less and just run.  Running is amazing if you don’t overthink.


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