Training and school

Phew!  As usual, the past couple weeks have been a whirlwind.  I should be using this time to outline a comparative essay for social anthro, or maybe read up on Mao Zedong and the Great Leap Forward for Topics.  Instead, I am blogging and pretending I don’t have assignments.  This county is the only one I know of with school on Monday and Tuesday; everyone else is already on winter break!

Does anyone else write workout paces on their hand?

Does anyone else write workout paces on their hand?

Last time, I left off on a thresholds workout and a treadmill run, along with the usual plethora of IB-related complaints.  The past two weeks have been pretty similar– workouts on M/W/F, runs T/Th/S.  School has been stressful.  I completed my Individual Oral Commentary and Discussion (IOC&D) for IB English last Monday!!  That is definitely a load off my plate.  I was extremely stressed and nervous for days, and it turned out to be much less terrifying than I had assumed it would be.

Last night was our first meet!  Do you remember how last year, our first set of meets involved three races in the span of 24 hours, two of them on a terrible track for no reason?  (I ran 2:36/3:29/12:02)  It was an exhausting yet worthwhile way to start the season.  Well, this year we aren’t going to that many invitationals (similar to last year), so our coach forced us to run in one of those Friday meets at the terrible track.  We all ran the mile and the 1000, which are separated only by the 500, so we didn’t get much rest or a great chance to stretch.  This track probably slows us down by 10-15 seconds per mile, but our coach still wanted us to get the conference qualifying times of 5:30 and 3:18…

The mile was okay; I figured we wouldn’t get the qualifier, and we didn’t.  We went 1-2-3-5-7, with myself getting third.  (I ran around a 5:40, which I’m completely fine with.)  The track is legitimately a gym floor with lines painted on it, so running around those tight turns is pretty terrifying.


The 1000 felt much better than the mile.  Our coach had adjusted the goal time to more of a workout pace (3:25-3:30), but at the last minute, my workout buddy decided she would actually treat it like more of a race.  I decided to join her.  We finished around 3:20-3:22, which isn’t fast enough for the qualifier either, but I don’t mind.  All in all, this was a pretty good season opener!

Today, I had a 50-minute easy run, and I managed to go easy for about 40 minutes of it!  However, there is a huge hill in the final section of the run that I always have to (almost) sprint up, and I generally end up just continuing the run at that pace.  I’d say my slow run today was mostly around 8:15-8:30 pace, while the final mile was around 7:30-7:45…

The results of running with a French braid

The results of running with a French braid

Instead of doing homework for the rest of the day, I wrapped a few presents, did crazy things with my hair, and best of all… I found a video from my freshman year districts race!  I raced the 1000 in a super speedy 3:32. 🙂  You can tell I was absolutely petrified.

baby me, early 2012 ;)

baby runner, early 2012 😉

Tomorrow is reserved for homework and more Christmas shopping!  Except…I’m broke.  Oops.

First race of the season on a real track is in a week!  Yes, that is only two days after Christmas; I think the 28th will be a day of indulgence instead of the 25th.

PS:  I really, really want to see the movie Unbroken!


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